My Top Tips for Throwing the Perfect Party

DSC_0463All fall long you listen to me blather on and on about my annual Halloween party and all the decorations and baking that go along with it.  Want to know some of my VERY FAVORITE party throwing tips?  These are tips that are important to remember for all parties, not just Halloween themed ones.

  • Clean your house.  This may seem like a duh, but every mother at the party will eventually sit on your potty and stare down at your bathroom baseboards.
  • Have something for every man, woman, child and vegan.  Consider food allergies, vegetarians and don’t forget the water.  Juice boxes and beer are important, but nothing goes faster than water.
  • If you are going to splurge on one thing for your party, hire a photographer.  Worth every penny.
Halloween tree decorations

Pop over to the Tuesday Morning blog for more tips, tricks, pictures and details.  I have a full post there all about party planning that will make any event (not just a Halloween one) awesome.




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