My Most Treasured Childhood Gift


What was your most treasured gift you received as a child?  I have few gifts that really stick out for me.  There was the time in Jr. High I was dying for a certain ring and my parents wrapped it in a giant box to throw me off the track.  Well played parents.  Well played.


I’m thinking of rehashing that old trick with my kids this year.  I’ve been stocking up at Tuesday Morning on gifts for them already.  Marble run in a fridge box?  Soap kit in a dresser box.  They can use the old boxes as forts afterwards.


Another of my most treasured gifts as I received as a child was my bike.  Over on the Tuesday Morning blog I’m talking about not just the bike, but the note Santa left me about the bike and why it made it so special.


Hopefully I am doing an alright job making Christmas as special for my kids as my parents did for me.  I feel confident I am going as overkill in the gift department as they did.  Christmas is a time for gluttony right?


Besides gifts, Christmas means memories to me.  Not only memories of treasured gifts, but also memories of treasured experiences.  This is why I am a scrapbooker.  Tuesday Morning is always busting at the seams with fun do-dads perfect for not only my December Daily album, but my year round scrapbooking adventures.  My most treasured gift, beyond any bikes or rings are my children so I enjoy documenting our lives together.


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***I was clearly compensated for this post, but I loved Tuesday Morning stores before they paid me too.  Really they have awesome craft supplies, holiday decorations and my favorite Kilim rug came from there.  As always all opinions are my own***

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