My Home Decor Shopping Secret – Tuesday Morning

Did I mention I moved? I’m still in Austin, just 10 miles south west of my old digs. When you move a big purge is always in order. Did that. Then in my case a big shop to replace all the stuff I just donated. I did that too. I wanted to share a sneak peak into my new casa and let you in on a little secret. Tuesday Morning rules. Not the actual day of the week. The store silly. When the idea of joining forces with Tuesday Morning came about you bet your bottom dollar I said HECK YA. Have you been in their stores lately? It is perfect for my shopping ADD. One aisle I am snapping up fabulous quilts and throw pillows and the next I am procuring Halloween decorations, discount scrap booking paper and inflatable pirate ships for the new pool. So join me won’t you as I show you a few corners of my new home. I’ll be back next week to share even more!

My love affair with Tuesday Morning began with this rug. Sure I had been a million times before for small items, but before this rug I had never paid much attention to their home decor. I had sure never considered them a place where I would score an awesome Kilim rug. Apparently, I was wrong.

Speaking of rugs…less fabulous, but more utilitarian – I was pleased as punch to find this nubby fun bathmat at my local Tuesday Morning. I took the curtains and wall art from my son’s old nursery and made it into bathroom decor. Finding just the right matching bath mat was actually trickier than you might think. Now here is to hoping the master bathroom eventually looks this put together.

One of my favorite rooms in the house is the formal sitting room. Ya know that room where no one is allowed to sit on the furniture? On clearance I found these ah-mah-zing gold animal print pillows at two different Tuesday Morning stores. I’m such a sucker for a good throw pillow and they have an entire row. Sparkles and animal print, they were too tack-a-lisciously fabulous to leave behind. Plus I think they accent the girls in the paintings glowing tan nicely.

So let’s talk about pillows again. Can you really ever talk about throw pillows too much? I think not. Sure I spend more time picking them up off the floor and lint rolling the dog hair off than I do actually admiring them, but I still love them. As if my gold sequin animal print pillows were not perfect enough I later found these beauties. Multi colored animal print and wait for it…pom poms. Everything is better with pom poms. Don’t they look great with that Tuesday Morning quilt?

Brass is my jam. I love chrome too, but right now brass is my bff. I about ran down the aisle of my local Tuesday Morning when I spotted this 3 armed arched lamp. It goes oh so perfectly in my game room and the lights can be adjusted for 1, 2 or 3 lights on at once. Stylish and smart, mama like.

So tell me, preferably in gory detail, what your favorite Tuesday Morning treasure is. Do you love that they carry cute purses, panties, puzzles and perfume all in one store? Did I mention my headboard even came from Tuesday Morning? More on that make over later!

***I was compensated for this post. Mama has gotta pay the bills somehow and really who in their right mind would say no to free awesome stuff?***

6 Responses to “My Home Decor Shopping Secret – Tuesday Morning”

  1. vintagevixenarts

    Okay prepare yourself, because I have never been to a Tuesday Morning….
    But wait! You have opened my eyes and I have seen the splendor(especially that rug)and I shall pop in today as one is about 2 miles away!Oh and your place looks smashing! I love your formal living room. You kept your hip look and tapped into a bit of a vintage modern edge. Bravo! And the plum couch is absolutely

  2. The Sick Chick

    Tuesday Morning is great and I love that they often have craft supplies at amazing prices. But I am also a HomeGoods junkie. We have a new one up by the Arboretum (in the same shopping center as the Michael's), but I am sure there are some south of the river too. IMO they have better kitchen stuff 🙂

  3. afereday

    Jennifer – I am obsessed with the vibrant vintage looking fabric on the chair in your formal living room. Did you have this recovered or did you purchase the chair somewhere? I'm looking for a splash in my family room and that color combination is amazing!

    Thanks os much!

  4. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Hey afereday I did have them recovered. The fabric is from Waverly. The chevron pillows on the green couch are from the same line. Can't remember the name off the top of my head but I got it from JoAnns. Hope that helps.

    Sick Chick they both have some bitchin' stuff.

    Vintagevixensart – did you go? Was it amazing?


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