Mommy and Me Travelogue to Houston

Mommy and Me dinner at the Spindletop Restaurant.

One on one time with kids is so important.  You don’t have to do everything as a group or with ALL the kids at once.  Every now and again a solo trip, event or day together is so important.  This kind of individualized attention really helps you connect with your little and let’s that child feel extra special.  Recently I took my daughter to Houston for a Girl Scout trip and added on a night at the Hyatt Regency as a special Mommy and Me trip.  Please note my dinner at the Hyatt Regency Spindletop Restaurant was complimentary, but all opinions in this post are my own.

View of the Spindletop Restaurant in Houston.

My daughter recently turned 8.  Did you know at 8 you are officially considered a tween?  I’m starting to catch glimpses of those impending teen years on the horizon.  Hanging out with mom will quickly turn from a treat to second choice to friends in a few short years.  I wanted to seize this opportunity to have a special weekend with my daughter while I’m still cooler than Katy Perry in her eyes.  As I mentioned we were going to Houston anyway, an extra night with just the two of us sounded like the perfect idea.

Rooftop pool at the Hyatt Regency Houston.

My daughter thinks going to Super Cuts is a Spa because they wash your hair rather than use a spray bottle to wet your bangs before they trim.  That being the case I knew a fancy hotel like The Hyatt Regency would blow her mind.  Roof top pools, spinning restaurants, valet parking and her favorite part – complimentary lemon water in the lobby.  She could not pick her jaw up off the floor walking in to the grand lobby.

Taking a Mommy and Me Trip to the Hyatt Regency Houston.

We spent the afternoon swimming in the heated pool and taking an extra long time getting ready for our dinner reservations at The Spindletop Restaurant.  As a child I can vividly remember the occasional fancy dinner out at the spinning Reunion Tower Restaurant in Dallas.  I was mesmerized by everything about it – the food, the fancy and of course the view.  I chose The Hyatt Regency Houston because they too had a spinning restaurant – The Spindletop.

Mommy and me dinner at the Spindletop Restaurant in Houston.

I can’t say enough nice things about the Spindletop restaurant and how pampered we walked away feeling.  Yes they knew we were coming and yes the dinner was free, but seriously everything about the experience was great even if I had paid for it.  Every single person working there was beyond nice – the waitress, the host, the manager, the bus boy – all made us feel special.  Most importantly made my daughter feel special.  She could not get over feeling ‘famous’ and for the record she thought the complimentary bread and butter was the best part of the meal.  The kid loves butter.

Spindletop restaurant.

We started with the Seafood Mac and Cheese and I could have stopped there because it was delicious and filling.  However we moved on to salads and enteres.  I was a little afraid my daughter would not find something to suit her child palate, but luckily the Spindletop has a kid’s menu.  If you are in the Houston area and looking for something special this Mother’s Day rumor has it they are having a special Mother’s Day Brunch complete with a custom menu.  I had decided this was an early Mother’s Day gift to myself.  Did I mention they have vegetarian options?  Also, as a mother of a kid with food allergies (my son) I beyond appreciated our waitress asking first and foremost if there were any allergies she needed to be aware of.

Custom cheesecake at the Spindletop Restaurant.

My daughter had her heart set on cheesecake for desert, but alas that was not on the Spindletop menu.  Did I mention the impeccable and accommodating staff there?  They had cheesecake brought to her from another restaurant inside the hotel and on top of that it had “Welcome to the Spindletop” written in chocolate on it.  My daughter is baking show obsessed so this really beyond impressed her.  I wanted her to feel extra special and like a princess, but she was not the only one who felt that way.  We chatted as the restaurant gave us a 360 view of Houston.  I felt so lucky to get to have this once in a lifetime experience with my daughter.  Hopefully she will remember it as fondly as I will.

Flea Style in Houston.

The Hyatt Regency is located right in downtown Houston just a hop, skip and a jump from everything.  After we checked out of fancy digs we spent the afternoon checking out a local market called Flea Style.  We shopped and ate lunch from food trucks.  I had been curious about the event and since it only occurs in Dallas and Houston my timing could not have been better.  I’m still dreaming about those vegan tacos from Boombox Tacos and the amazing Biggie Smalls ceramics from LemonGlaze.

Rothko Chapel in Houston.

After Flea Style we headed over to the Rothko Chapel for a little culture.  I think my daughter was confused about what it was we were supposed to do, but I thought a shot of culture and serenity never hurt anyone.  Completely by accident while climbing the trees in the park next to The Rothko Chapel, we wandered into the gallery of the Menil Collection which was gorgeous and inspiring.  I’ve been painting ever since I came home.  Both of these spaces were free – one of my favorite words.

Taking kids to NASA Houston.

Next stop NASA.  The whole purpose of our trip to Houston was because her Girl Scout troop had a sleepover at NASA.  I figured if I was going to be sleeping on the floor of a museum on Saturday I deserved a fancy bed at the Hyatt on Friday.

Rooftop pool in Houston.

What about my son?  I have every intention of taking him on a trip of his own when he is a bit older and in the meantime I do solo things with him just like I do my daughter.  One on one time with children is not to make the other children feel left out, it’s to make each child feel special and deserving of your undivided attention.  This trip to Houston was just as perfect as I had planned.  I booked the trip for my daughter, but in the end it was just as much for me.

*** This post was sponsored by Hyatt Regency Houston – I was compensated a free meal at the Spindletop Restaurant.  However, as always all opinions are my own.***

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