Mixed Media Art – Sometimes Everything and The Kitchen Sink is a Good Thing


mixed media people by jennifer perkinsI guess I have always been a mixed media artist, it was just always wearable when I made jewelry.  Naughty Secretary Club often consisted of items not typically associated with bling.  I used to always say if it would sit still long enough I would figure out how to make it wearable.  Salt and pepper shakers became necklaces, vinyl records bracelets and cupcake toppers earrings.  I feel like my new ventures into art are turning out the same way.  If a piece sits on my art table long enough eventually a little bit of everything makes it’s way into the picture.  This piece called The Kewl Kids is a prime example.



Here is the picture when I first started.  Relatively simple right?  Well simple for me anyway.  It was just a colorful doodle that kept growing and growing and becoming more and more dimensional and eclectic.  Maybe that is why The Kewl Kids is kinda one of my fave pieces in my Etsy store.jennifer perkins mixed media wackersWith most of my pieces the frame is just as much a part of the art as what is inside.  I love the frame on The Kewl Kids.  It started just like any other plain frame until I got busy with some green floral ribbon, hair curlers and yarn pompoms.  Remember what I was saying about the kitchen sink?  Yes those are small plastic squirrels and a neon Wackers price tag.

DSC_0469Scrapbook paper, bakers twine, wooden veneer hexagons – seriously I was like a magpie when I was making The Kewl Kids.  If it caught my eye or sparkled it was going on this piece.  I didn’t make subtle jewelry and I don’t make subtle art.  Just like it took the right kind of gal to wear Naughty Secretary Club jewelry it takes a brave and bold interiorist to decorate with Jennifer Perkins Art.

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