DIY Mid Century Modern Plant Stand With a Boho Vibe and a Surprise

Are you torn between mid century modern and all things boho when it comes to your home decor?  Perhaps the only thing you know for sure is that you are a cactus and succulent hoarder with a serious need for more DIY plant stand ideas in your life?  No matter what your vibe or style, this awesome yarn wrapped planter project will fit in any style home!

yarn covered diy planter with pompoms on a shelf.

DIY Mid Century Modern Plant Stand With a Boho Vibe and a Surprise

As we all know around these parts we are big believers in more is always more, maximalism reigns supreme and pompoms make everything better.  Somebody be sure that goes on my headstone.  Anyway these crafty cute DIY plant stands are no exception.  I was inspired by the wood mid century modern plant stands you have been seeing all over Pinterest and for sale at places like West Elm.

Styled shelf full of books and boho planters.

Have you guessed what this DIY planter is made from yet?  I’ll give you a hint: no wood, power tools or screws were involved.  You know that is too much work for a crafter like me.  Here is another hint: I once used the same material to make a DIY rainbow shaped vase.

ruler and cardboard letters being measured.

Ok the jig is up, this planter project is made from cardboard letters.  Yup, like the ones you can find at the craft store.  Nothing fancy.  Grab yourself two of the letter H, a knife, ruler, yarn and glue and let’s do this thing.

Use a knife to cut one of the letters apart.

Using a ruler measure the center of the letter H.  I know I could hardly believe I used a ruler either.  Draw a line with a pencil and cut the letter in half.  This is just on one of the letters, leave the other intact.  Together this is what is going to give you those straight lines like on the wooden mid-century style plant stands everyone loves.

Assemble planter by gluing two cut pieces of the cardboard letter to the letter H that is still together.

Using the mother load of hot glue attach the two piece of the letter H that you cut onto the sides of the letter H that is still together.  Make sure everything is straight and lines up and that your plant will fit into your new DIY plant stand.  It would really suck to go to all this trouble and then have the sucker not fit.

After gluing the pieces together first wrap the center with yarn before starting on the planter legs.

Instinct would tell you to start at one leg and work your way up.  At least that was my instinct.  I discovered that you need to wrap around the entire plant stand project first.  Cover the center strip with glue and yarn.  Once that is covered where all the pieces join go in and do the legs.

After wrapping the center of the plant stand finish by wrapping the top and bottom of the legs.

You can see here the center strip is done first and then you wrap the top and the bottom.  Finish covering the entire plant stand craft.  Glue, wrap, glue, wrap – depending on what size letter you bought the project should go fairly quickly.

Cover the tops of the cardboard arms with colorful pompoms using hot glue.

Next it is pompom thirty – my favorite time.  Do not cover the bottoms or the tops of the legs on your plant stand with yarn.  On the bottom this will help it stand up better.  On the top you want to add pompoms.  Lot’s of pretty pompoms.  Plus pompoms are my secret weapon for covering up crafty booboos.  Not that I ever have any of those, but if I did I would put a pompom on it.

Colorful planters with pompoms on a book shelf.

Oh what’s that you say – it’s the cutest DIY planter you have laid eyes on all summer?  Stop it.  Ok don’t.  This is the petite version but don’t you worry your pretty little heads those letters come in all kinds of sizes.  You just want to make sure you get the font style that sits flat.

DIY Modern Plant Stand Wrapped In Yarn

Are you feeling inspired?  Like I can take on the world and build all my cactus their own wee little mid-century modern inspired planters.  You can change the look based on the type of yarn you use.  You could even paint yours, or decoupage it or cover the entire thing in pompoms!  What ever option you go for be sure to leave me a comment and tell me all about it.


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2 Responses to “DIY Mid Century Modern Plant Stand With a Boho Vibe and a Surprise”

  1. Marissa | Squirrels of a Feather

    I definitely lean to mid-century modern! I feel like my taste is slightly out of place in the areas that we live (people love colonial houses and farmhouse style). What a cute plant stand! I really like that hanging planter pictured too 🙂

  2. Jann Olson

    Boho style is really popular right now. Fun!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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