Mardi Gras Tree with DIY Glittered Mask Tree Topper

Time to start thinking about your Mardi Gras tree.  What you don’t have yours up already?  Don’t worry there is still time.  Not only is there time to put up a tree there is still time to make a DIY glittered Mardi Gras mask tree topper.  Hooray!mardi-gras-mask

You don’t have to live in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras.  All you need is a few DIY gold, green and purple decorations and of course a Christmas tree.  Duh.

Supplies for making a green, gold and purple Mardi Gras mask by Jennifer Perkins

SUPPLIES (please note these contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase this blog will get a small percentage)

  • Plastic mask
  • Glitter (purple, gold and green)
  • Glue
  • Paint brush
How to glitter a Mardi Gras mask by Jennifer Perkins

One section at a time coat the mask with paint or glue.  While the paint (use a corresponding color to the layer of glitter) or glue is still wet coat with glitter.  Allow each section to dry completely before moving on to the next color.

Glittered mask for a Mardi Gras tree topper by Jennifer Perkins

Shake off excess glitter between colors.  Remember the colors of Mardi Gras are purple, green and gold so keep that in mind as you glitter.


Once your mask is completely dry add to the top of your Mardi Gras tree!  Maybe one day I’ll actually make it to New Orleans.  In the meantime I’ll bring Mardi Gras to me.


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