Craft a Boho Hanging Planter That Doubles as a Mardi Gras Bead Up-Cycle

Mardi Gras beads – what’s a person to do with all those cheap plastic beads once the party is over?  Actually I could go on and on about what you do with them.  I’ve used them to make ornaments and over on HGTV I rounded up 10 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Mardi Gras beads.  Right here, right now I’m about to blow your mind with some boho beaded cuteness.  See if you ever drop another strand of plastic beads to the thrift store after checking out this adorable DIY Hanging Planter.

Using Mardi Gras Beads to Turn a Basket Into a Boho Hanging Planter by Jennifer Perkins

Like most people, I’ve kinda go this thing with plants (just check out the plant crafts section of the blog).  Anytime I can turn something into a planter like a giant Easter egg, vintage bar caddy or cake stand I’m down.  When I realized the severe lack of recycled Mardi Gras bead crafts in the world I knew this was a challenge I wanted to accept.  Please note there may be affiliate links ahead, clicking through and making purchases through these links helps support this blog and my thrift store habit.

All the supplies you need for making a hanging planter from a basket and Mardi Gras beads by Jennifer Perkins


Criss cross the Mardi Gras beads over the bottom of the basket with hot glue to act as hangers.

Once you decide what basket you will use as your planter criss cross two strands of Mardi Gras beads along the bottom and glue in place.

Add decorative trim along with the beads to the sides of the basket.

Leave just the beads or add some decorative pompom fringe as well.  Use hot glue up the sides of the basket to anchor everything together.

Cover the sides of the hanging planter with pompom fringe for embellishment as well as to hold the Mardi Gras beads in place. - Jennifer Perkins

This step is completely optional, but ya know pompom fringe makes everything better.  I also like that gluing this pompom fringe to sides helps to reinforce the Mardi Gras beads and pompom trim hangers.

Join the pompom trim and Mardi Gras beads at the top making sure all pieces are even so the hanging planter is level. - Jennifer Perkins

Gather the beads and the fringe together (making sure the basket is hanging evenly) and glue to a pompom.

DIY hanging planter made with recycled Mardi Gras beads, pompom fringe and a tassel by Jennifer Perkins

Free free to add more fun things like tassels at the bottom, because ya know why not.  I used faux succulents inside my planter, but you could easily make the same hanging basket using a pot or lined basket and add real plants.

Recycle those old Mardi Gras beads into a fun new DIY hanging basket planter by Jennifer Perkins

All that is left to do is hang your planter.  If the strands are short enough banana hangers work great on table tops or use a cup hook in the ceiling.  I am pleased as punch with how this cutie turned out.  When HGTV asked me to do the roundup I was really surprised how few Mardi Gras bead crafts there were out there that tickled my fancy.  Sometimes you just have to take crafty matters into your own hands and I’m glad I did.


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