Making Medusa – How to Create a Halloween Gallery Wall with Thrift Store Art

Did you see the Halloween Gallery Wall I designed on the DIY Network blog?  One of my very favorite elements on the wall is this amazing medusa.  See, my compulsive thrift store shopping does pay off!

How to transform thrift store art into medusa. How to create a Halloween gallery wall with thrift store art.

Oddly I picked up all of these pictures at the same Goodwill on the same day.  It was like the thrifting Gods were trying to tell me something.  That handsome fellow in the center looks that much better with a felt mask, trust me check out the entire tutorial on DIY Network.


So besides a thrift store painting of a woman to make Medusa you will also need a slew of plastic snakes, glue that will work on plastic and some craft paint.


It depends on your preference and picture as to whether or not you want to do any painting.  My thrifted chalk plaque demanded a black frame.  Once your paint is dry start adding snakes to the hair.  The more flexible your snake the easier it will be to craft into the perfect beehive.  Or is it a snake hive in this case?

How to make a medusa for a Halloween gallery wall.

Medusa looks right at home on the gallery wall doesn’t she.  Don’t forget to head over to the DIY Network blog for more!  Thanks Dian Sierra for your amazing help on this project and Chelsea Laine Francis for the pretty pictures.

6 Responses to “Making Medusa – How to Create a Halloween Gallery Wall with Thrift Store Art”

  1. Sherry

    Impressive! Your interweaving of the snakes (and the lucky find of the base bas relief) is outstanding — without the intertwining, this could have been a big flop.

    I will never get into Halloween enough to decorate like this, but it’s an amazing display! Brava!

    • Jennifer

      Thanks Sherry. It helps to have really flaccid snakes rather than rigid ones so you can interweave them. I agree the actual base relief was a big help. On a flat painting I’m not sure it would have been as cool.


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