Fun Floral Vintage Inspired DIY Swim Cap

My daughter is on swim team and though she adores it, her blonde hair does not. She needed a swim cap. No daughter of mine was going to wear a plain boring hat – oh no. In the spirit of Esther WilliamsI decided to take matters into my own hands and make her a floral vintage inspired DIY swim cap.

Girl in swim cap covered with flowers in the pool.

Vintage Inspired DIY Swim Cap – Make Your Own!

I love vintage swim caps with their colorful themes and plastic flowers.  Why don’t they still make them like that!  If they did I might not have been inspired to make my own DIY swim cap so maybe it is a blessing.  Plus this way when you make your own it will definitely match your suit!

Next time you are throwing a summer pool party that kids (and moms) will love you could make mommy and me matching DIY swim caps and be the belles of the water ball!

girl on diving board with swim cap

Supplies for Making Your Own Vintage Inspired DIY Swim Cap

  • Swim cap
  • Waterproof glue
  • Sizzix Big Shot
  • Sizzix Flower #3 die
  • Board Shorts (water proof fabric)

If you don’t own a Sizzix you could always cut out your own flower shapes.  Also, board shorts are not a must.  Choose a water proof fabric that can stand the chlorine and summer sun.

If your little mermaid finds herself needing a DIY mermaid crown for lounging pool side, I’ve got you covered.

Craft supplies for making a floral swim cap

Gather DIY Swimmers Cap Materials 

As mentioned you do not have to use a die-cutting machine to make your fabric flowers, but it will make your life easier if you have one on hand.  Most die-cut machines will make flower shapes.
I chose a pair of board shorts as my fabric because they were cheap, water proof material and matched my daughters swim suit.
Might I suggest adding a DIY custom swim cap to an Easter Basket (could be a gift basket) for a crafty beach bum.
Sizzix machine making flowers

Making Waterproof Flowers for the DIY Custom Swim Hat

Cut out strips of material the size of the die cutting machine.  Run through your machine and make as many flowers as you need to cover the entire hat.  AGAIN – you can always free hand cut your flowers.
If you can find plastic raffia another fun option is to add kitschy retro loom flowers to your DIY swimming bonnet!
yellow swim cap stretched over a ball

Stretch Your Swimming Cap

Before attaching the flowers stretch your swimming cap around a ball, mannequin head or something else to hold it’s form.
girl in swim cap jumping off diving board into pool

Attaching The Flowers to Your DIY Vintage Swim Cap

Use a strong waterproof glue that will stick to plastic.  Liquid Fusion or Gorilla Glue are both good options.  Attach the flowers to the custom swim cap randomly or in a pattern.  This part is totally up you.  
Allow the glue to dry at least overnight.
While you wait for the glue to dry, go ahead and try whipping up a pair of these DIY macrame lawn chairs.  Your going to need somewhere to sit next to pool while you supervise the kids and pat yourself on the back for your handiwork.
Girl in DIY swim cap jumping into pool.

Show Off That New Custom Swim Cap

Pool parties, swim practice, heck even a splash pad – my kid is stylin’ in her new DIY vintage swim cap.  Now to make myself one!
Tuck that cutie into your pompom covered wicker beach bag and let’s go to the pool!
DIY floral swim cap on a girl in a pool
Do you suddenly feel like putting together a synchronized swim team with your mommy group?  Ya, me too!

2 Responses to “Fun Floral Vintage Inspired DIY Swim Cap”

  1. Marianna

    I have hair extensions and want a cool hair swim cap that has some blond hair-like attachments.
    I’ve seen the retro petal caps and would like one that looks like I’m not bald.

    • Jennifer

      You could totally add fake hair. That would look amazing. I made some earmuffs with fake Princess Lei buns. Keep me posted on how it turns out.


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