DIY Make Your Own Monster Blocks

Mini Maker Mondays - Mommy and me crafts with Jennifer Perkins and the Minis DIY Halloween make your own monster blocks by Jennifer Perkins

Let us not forget that Halloween is for the littles, at least it is at my house.  Ok, that’s a lie it’s for me too.  Either way make some monster blocks.  My kids had long since abandoned their plain wooden blocks and lost pieces to the Jenga set – luckily I’m a hoarder and kept them.  Why – because I’ve been dying to make some DIY Make Your Own Monster Blocks!  Ya know what, the blocks are getting played with again so BOOM my plan worked.

Cute DIY make a monster by blocks by Jennifer Perkins

There are no hard and fast rules about how to make these blocks.  There is no step 1, step 2 or so on.  Seriously, you paint blocks and hand them over to your kids.  Heck, let the kids paint the blocks.  The basic idea is that the blocks can be mixed and matched in different fun combinations to create different monsters.  Some blocks are just eyes or mouths, others are full faces and torsos.

Craft a set of DIY Make Your Own Monster Blocks by Jennifer Perkins

The best part of these blocks is that you don’t have to be an expert painter or crafter.  I used .98 craft paint and sat with my mom binge watching home improvement TV and painting.  All of these were done in an evening.  Totally optional is some sort of protective top coat.  Remember when thinking about paint, block size and top coat to consider the age of the kids that will be playing with these and if they will put anything in their mouth.

Use old kids blocks to paint a DIY make your own monster set by Jennifer Perkins

I’m supposed to be the adult and I love playing with the blocks and creating new Halloween monsters.  My kinda Halloween monster is whimsical and full of color, but if your family likes things a little spookier feel free to get crazy.

DIY Make Your Own Monster Blocks by Jennifer Perkins

Not just for Halloween these blocks are fun all year round and could be made with a gazillion different themes.  I’ve got blocks left over – make your own Christmas elf blocks might be in my future.  What will you do with your blocks?


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