Lushae Jewelry – a Paid yet Honest Ring Review

Who can say no to free stuff? Not me that’s for sure. Especially when said free stuff is a huge sparkletastic cocktail ring. When I was approached by LuShae Jewelry to review one of their rings at first I thought the offer was too good to be true. They wanted to send me a free ring of my choosing, pay me for writing about the free ring and they asked that my review be honest. What’s the catch? So far I have not found one, except maybe a slight tinge of guilt. First let’s talk about the ring and then my guilt.

As I mentioned LuShae gave me the ring and asked me to review it. They said I could be brutally honest. Before their review money burned a hole in my thrift store addicted pocket I made sure to let them know that I felt obligated to my readers to not lie about the ring. Browsing the LuShae Jewelry website was a little tricky. As you might have guessed the rings on the website are not typically my style. However, a few options caught my eye. In the end I opted for the Sunny Cocktail Ring (Mainly because sadly the Cocktail Chic Ring was sold out). I gotta tell you the ring is just as pretty in person as it is on the website. One of those rings that catches the sunlight and sparkles. The kind of ring that if it was real I could put Tallulah through college by hocking it. I like that the ring is big and chunky and to my untrained eye looks every bit as fabulous as the real thing. I think if it was subdued I would not like it as much (that goes for most things with me). I appreciate that the website clearly let’s you know how big the ring is. I like a picture of the jewelry on an actual finger, but I hear that close up finger pictures creep some people out. I have tons of costume jewelry and this ring quality wise was as heavy and sturdy as the best of them. In the end I would definitely say that if you were in the market for a new cocktail ring stop by LuShae Jewelry and do a little shopping. I know I just might. Man that review, though true was worth every penny.

So now onto my guilt about the whole thing. It’s not the kind of guilt where I am losing sleep over it, it is just the kind of guilt that gets me to thinking about pay for play. Hence why they just passed all the new rules making me disclose things like the fact that I not only got the ring for free, but I also got paid to tell you about it. Does that make me a bad blogger? I review and give away books that are given to me free by publishers for the sole reason of promotion. I do how-to articles for companies that pay me and give me free supplies. Is a free ring and a little spending money really any different? I know some people are adamant about not having ads of any shape or form on their blog. I guess my logic is why not? If I can make a little money from my Amazon Associates widget, Blogher ad and the occasional ring review why shouldn’t I? I work hard to write my blog and sure I do it because I love it and enjoy writing, but I also have a mortgage to pay. I’m curious what are you thoughts about blogs with ads? Whether it be Google Adsense, Indie crafters banner ads, book reviews, sponsor spotlights? Does it bother you at all?

P.S. Check out the book Blogging for Bliss for a whole section about getting paid to blog.

14 Responses to “Lushae Jewelry – a Paid yet Honest Ring Review”

  1. jewelrygirl

    I think it is fine. You told your readers everything about it. I never hear that info on any other blog, telling me about their ads, you know?

    You go for it.

  2. erin@designcrisis

    Pay for play? Rules? Huh? what? Sounds like it must have something to do with steroids, or NFL contracts. What am I missing? Help a totally clueless girl out.

    Also… dude! I need money. Blogging is hard work. Someone give me some money for all my hard work.

    The end.

  3. shauna

    I see nothing "wrong" with ads on blogs as long as they are not obtrusive. As for reviews that you get paid for either in money or merchandise I think that's cool too. The only criteria for that to me would be honesty and just the way you approached it. You made full disclosure and I respect the fact that you told the company you would be honest in your review. So, go ahead, get

  4. SewSweetStitches

    Although I must admit I rarely ever click on google or blogher ads, the independent craft store ads always catch my attention. One thing I don't appreciate is a blog so cluttered with ads and sidebar features that I avoid keeping up with it just because it's so unpleasant to look at!
    I recently added google ads to my own page, and so far I've made um.. 30 cents.

  5. Cindy Cooksey

    I think it's fine – especially since you were very upfront and truthful about the experience. I was entertained, and even a little envious of your free bling!

  6. Katie

    I appreciate the full disclosure about getting paid and a free ring out of the deal. Otherwise, I would have wondered why this was on here because it's not exactly craft-related. Congrats that you're in a position to score free stuff—it's because your blog is great 🙂

  7. Halo Hill

    I say, rock on and since you're being honest, no reason to feel guilty! (Says I, whom was raised Catholic (a serving of guilt, anyone)? and am probably old enough to be your Mom… so that means my opinion -really- counts.

    You GO!

  8. Elizabeth

    Ok, guilt be gone, Jennifer! You are reviewing a happy product by request. That is captialism. You did not sell out by sugar coating the truth.

    You are not making and selling napalm. You are taking advantage of the entrepreneurial American dream. Hats off to you!

  9. A Creative Dream...

    Guilty? Please…you have no idea how I would LOVE to get things in exchange for blogging about them…this IS a great deal of work, and if you can get products to test, I say go for it…and tell me how!?!? LOL

  10. Sandy

    I would love to have your blog and get paid to review things! I would love to get things for free, too. You are very lucky!!!

  11. Kristen

    Coming from the queen of guilt (as I've been dubbed in the past by family & friends), there is absolutely no reason to feel guilty about writing paid reviews!
    As long as you disclose the fact that it is a paid review and you review honestly, who cares?!? Multiple streams of income are the way to go and the fact that you have a dedicated and large enough readership to get offered

  12. Kara

    You're absolutely right, you do have a mortgage to pay and you put a lot of time and effort into your blog. However I feel compelled to mention, I barely skimmed the review because I don't care much for jewelry. But I've been sucked into your craft space clean up (because I'm an organizational freak) Need someone to organize all your craft supplies? I love to organize!

  13. Lisa Crone

    Hi there! You are a sweet person who is concerned about doing the "right" thing. I enjoy coming across bloggers who have a chance to try a product and tell people about it. We know your sensibilities from reading your blog and heck, there's just really no time for shopping. For me, reading your blog is a guilty pleasure. Even better if I get to see some products I wouldn't


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