How To Make A Love Birds Succulent Planter

Make a birdcage into a planter.

Valentine’s Day lovebird planters.  Is there anything sweeter?  Got an old birdcage lying around?  No problem go to the thrift store or flea market you can find one there.  I had this one left over from a Halloween Horticulture post I did for DIY Network.  All it took was some pink paint and a few trinkets to switch it from spooky to sweet.  Wanna see it on video too?  Check out this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins.

Take your birdcage outside and paint that sucker hot pink.  Or red, or white or whatever color you want.  I’m a firm believer that neon pink is always the right choice.  My birdcage was metal, but if yours is plastic or wood make sure you have the right spray paint for that surface.  Mine took several coats at several different angles.

I could not find “love birds” in the right colors, but that is nothing a bottle of craft paint can’t fix.

How to make a lovebirds planter.

Once everything was dry I added plants, birds and festive holiday picks.  The bottoms of birdcages slide out.  I filled mine upside down with plants using a coconut husk liner around the edges.  I have a VERY OLD post from a birdcage planter I made 15 years ago you can check out for more details.  Next I filled in with succulents.  The birds got perched on the bar and the hearts and love sign came from the craft store.

DIY Lovebirds birdcage planter by Jennifer Perkins.

Now the big question is will I paint it black in October to make it creepy again.  I don’t know I’m really feeling the neon pink.  What do you think?  I realized Valentine’s Day will come and go, but you can take the Valentine’s Day theme out of the cage and keep it up year round.  I’m even thinking of hanging it on my front porch this spring.


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  1. Eva

    I just scored a free bird cage to do this project….but I was thinking of painting it yellow instead:)


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