Little Lumberjack and Jills Pancake Breakfast Party Food

What do little lumberjacks and Jills eat? A lumberjack breakfast of course with! For those of you following along my 1 year old son and 3 year old daughter recently had a birthday party with a lumberjack theme and yummy pancake breakfast party food. Yesterday I showed you a bunch of fun pictures of the shin dig and Monday I warmed things up with some lumberjack loot here and on BlogHer. Today I wanted to tickle your taste buds with all the scrumptious treats I made for the party. Plus my husband Chris pops in to tell you how to make maple syrup flavored ice cream served on silver dollar pancakes with candied bacon crumbles on top. Ya, it is as good as it sounds.

The guests of honor both graced the food table. My mom found these wood frames at Home Goods and they fit the theme perfectly. We had a photo shoot at a local park with the kids in their buffalo plaid to use on the invites, thank you cards, party favors and table decor. Other fun table touches included some of my vintage thermos collection, old lanterns and more.

Since we were going with a breakfast theme for the party mini quiche seemed appropriate. I busted out my vintage floral paper plate holders. I bought axes for cupcakes we never got. Instead the axes marked the quiche with meat for all our veggie friends.

I think my favorite thing I made was candied bacon on a stick. I tried a couple of different recipes (here and here). We also made a giant pile of veggie candied bacon that was snapped up mighty quick. Fruits, cheese and that bowl of nuts sends shivers down my spine now that Baxter has since been diagnosed with a peanut allergy. That is a whole different blog post in it’s self. Anyway, my mother once again contributed to the table by bringing me several tree stumps she rescued from a vacant lot. With a swing of a hatchet a centerpiece was born!

I found the recipe for these donut hole acorns on Pinterest and they were by far my daughter Tallulah’s favorite thing on the table.

Any type of pastry that is made in a roll form is easy sliced to look like log rounds. There was an assortment of Little Debbie treats sliced into cross-sections.

You can’t have a kids party with just bacon and quiche. I found both of these candies on Pinterest. I love the little white chocolate bacon and eggs. The candy axes gave me quite a bit of grief but I was determined to make them happen. The lovely Britt Gordon of Cupcake Kisses and Crumbs who came up with the idea was kind enough to hold my hand through making them and give me some tips. It’s all about the coconut oil with your candy melts.

The best part of any party at our house is always my husband Chris’s homemade ice cream. Without any further ado I am passing the mic to Chris.

Hello there! This is Chris and I’m going to give you the scoop on how we made this little ice cream and pancake concoction. We thought this would be much more fun than cake or cupcakes and much more in theme with the lumberjacks (and jills)!

First, let’s talk about the ice cream. I combined ¼ cup of maple syrup, 2 eggs, ¾ cup of sugar, 2 cups heavy whipping cream and 1 cup of whole milk. I beat that with electric mixer until nice and frothy and then put into the chilled ice cream maker.

Next, I elicited the assistance of some of my most senior associates to help with the actual task of freezing the ice cream by adding the salt and ice to the maker. After it was done, we scooped individual balls of ice cream into a muffin tray and put that in the freezer. That way, all of the ice cream would be ready to serve during the party.

I was also in charge of making all the silver dollar pancakes. I bought of box of pancake mix from my favorite wholesale store and made two batches. Then with a tablespoon, I began the process of making about a jillion silver dollar pancakes in two different skillets. These were also wrapped in foil and frozen until the day of the birthday.

We also made candied bacon as a garnish if desired. This is made by boiling bacon in sugar water, then adding spices and finally by putting on a cookie sheet in the oven to crisp. After this was done, we put it in the fridge, wrapped in foil.

At the party, it was time to put it all together. A few pancakes, a scoop of the maple ice cream, and voila! We left the crumbled candied bacon and additional maple syrup on the side in case anyone wanted to add this to their dessert.

Now try and tell me your not hungry! Be sure to stop by tomorrow to get crafty, lumberjack style!

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  1. kelly

    what an awesome spread!

    this sounds cliche, but how do you find the time? seriously? i just have one (who will be three in july), and i feel like i can barely get us dressed and fed before the day is over.


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