Let’s Taco About This DIY Doormat

DIY Taco Doormat by Jennifer Perkins

Can we taco about how cute this DIY taco doormat is? Get it – taco.  Yup it’s a ready made mat painted to look like a taco.  Hopefully when people come over they will get the hint about what to bring me.  Readymade mats are easy to find and begging for tasty makeover.

On this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins I make not only a taco doormat but a watermelon and rainbow doormat too!  You are only limited by your imagination.  I was going with a half circle theme.  Here is the blow by blow of the taco.

Supplies for making a taco doormat.

With the Rainbow Door Mat a rectangular mat was cut into a semi-circle shape.  With this taco mat a ready made half circle mat was used.  If you can’t find the shape mat you want to use remember you can always cut your own.

Taco doormat with veggies by Jennifer Perkins

First draw the outline of the taco filling on the border of the mat.  Think lettuce, meat, tomatoes, cheese, beans – it’s your taco.  My sister mentioned this looked more like a falafel but what does she know.

DIY Taco Doormat by Jennifer Perkins

Paint your design and then add puffy paint accents like shredded cheese and tomato accents.  No top coat needed.  Allow to dry and it’s ready to use!  Just remember these mats are more decorative than anything so don’t crazy wiping mud off your feet.

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  1. Shake My Blog

    Sooooo nice and fun ! And anyway, you can’t go wrong with Tacos 😉 Very inspiring and will probably try my own doormat version soon !


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