Turn Your Red Plastic Easter Eggs Into Ladybug Eggs

What do you put in a bug themed Easter basket for kids?  Well for starters, bugs.  Duh.  Not just any insects though, how about some ladybug eggs. Make your own easy DIY bugs from plastic Easter eggs.  Easy, adorable and the perfect addition to this fun basket.

What to put in a bug themed Easter basket complete with DIY ladybug Easter eggs by Jennifer Perkins

Over on DIY Network and I’m sharing 10 Ideas for Decorating Plastic Easter Eggs and on HGTV I have 10 Themed Easter Baskets, including this one full of bugs!  Toy stores, dollar stores, craft stores and more have everything you need to fill this Easter basket.  I gotta tell ya the remote control larva is my favorite.  Next to do the DIY polkadot ladybug eggs of course.

Supplies for making lady bug easter eggs - Jennifer PerkinsSupplies

  • Red Easter eggs
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Black paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Googly Eyes

Painting plastic eggs to look like ladybugs for Easter - Jennifer Perkins

Red Easter eggs can be slightly tricky to find, but if you can grab some you can skip the step of painting anything red.  Find a black craft paint that work on plastic.  Paint one end of the bug black.  Allow the paint to dry.

Painting polka-dots onto red plastic eggs to make them into Easter ladybugs - Jennifer Perkins

Add a black stripe and black polka dots.  Ladybugs are spotted after all hence why they are so stinking cute.  If you are in England they would be DIY ladybird eggs.  I like the sound of that too.

Gluing pipe cleaner legs onto ladybug Easter eggs - Jennifer Perkins

Next cut small 2″ long pieces of black pipe cleaner for legs.  Use hot glue to attach to the bottoms of the egg.  If you want to add antennas to your bugs with more pipe cleaners go for it!

How to make ladybug Easter eggs by Jennifer Perkins

Last but not least add eyeballs.  You can paint them on or use a bit of hot glue and attach googly eyes.  I’m a googly eye fan clearly.  Leave a small red dot for the mouth.  Fill them with goodies (like gummy worms, keeping it in theme) and add them to your Easter basket.

Fun ideas for an Easter basket full of bug toys and DIY ladybug eggs by Jennifer Perkins

Why stop at ladybugs when you could make any kind of insect eggs you wanted?  Add wings for butterfly Easter eggs or make green eggs into grasshoppers.  So many fun ideas!  Don’t forget this would also make an adorable gift basket for children.


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