Knit Aid by: Vickie Howell

Don’t you love it when you get presents unexpectedly? Who doesn’t really? Yesterday was one of those days. I stumbled into the gym way too early with only 2 Diet Cokes in my system and climbed on board an elliptical machine waiting for my friend, co-partner in Craft Out Loud and author Vickie Howell to join me. When she walked in much to my surprise she had a signed copy of her new book Knit Aid for me. I even scanned the signature in for you to see so you wouldn’t think I was lying. I don’t knit even though as you can see from where Vickie signed she has tried to several times to “bring me over to the knitting dark side”. I may not knit, but I know a good book when I see one and this is it.

Knit Aid: Rx for the Knitter is a learn it, fix it, finish it guide for the knitter on the go. I envy the knitter that their craft is portable and they can take it with them wherever they go. We jewelry designers do not have the same luxury and I am a touch bitter about it. This book is totally portable, it is not even as thick as my Blackberry so talk about handy to drop in your purse. Afraid the book might get beat up in your purse? Don’t be it is hard back. One of my other favorite qualities, and I think all craft and cook books should be this way, is that it is spiral bound. That way it lays nice and flat and stays open to the page you want. If I am making a project from a book that is smack in the middle and I need to see the instructions I find it very frustrating when the book keeps closing out of sheer logistics as to how it was made like it is flipping me off on it’s way to closing saying “ha-ha you will never get to make this project”. Knit Aid will stay open mentally holding your hand the whole time thanks to Mr. Spiral. I am quite partial to the illustrations throughout the book. The artist Leela Corman illustrated another of my favorite books You Grow Girl by Gayla Trail. Bless this girl’s heart I remember taking digital pictures of Vickie’s hands on more than one occasion holding what seemed like a million needles at once so she could email her the photograph to then be illustrated. Drawing rounds being jointed on double pointed needles is no easy feat I’m sure. I also like to think that with Knit Aid I have been illustrated. Since 99% of the jewelry Vickie owns and wears was made by the wee little elves at Naughty Secretary Club (AKA me) and she is wearing a necklace and earrings on the cover, it feels like I too have been illustrated. Did I mention the book is under $10 bucks!

So if I were to knit this would be one of the first books I scored myself. One day I am sure Vickie will eventually score another one of the knitty team and I’ll get hooked. Be sure and read this fun interview I did with Vickie about her book Not Another Teen Knitting Book. Sometime you should listen to the podcast I did with Vickie on CRL called Bringing Home and the Crafty Bacon. Also peep the video Vickie made below. It’s a real life tour of Knit Aid! We both scored ourselves Flip cameras and she is being better about using hers than I am. One day I promise I will vlog, that just means I would have to get out of my jammies and put on make up and that seems so daunting.

3 Responses to “Knit Aid by: Vickie Howell”

  1. Vickie Howell

    Awww, my beautiful friend who can write a solid paragraph on spiral binding alone. Oh, how I *heart* you!

    Thanks, lady! xoxo, Vic

  2. Sock Knitter

    So, when are you going to join us on the knitting side??

    You won’t have to envy the portability if you do you know!!!

    We’re waiting 😉 And thanks for the heads up for the book too! Gotta get me one!


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