Kitschy and Colorful DIY Hanging Succulent Planter

I like felt succulents.  I like things that hang on the wall.  I like pompoms and kittens and cordless hot glue guns.  You know what else I like?  Dares, crafty challenges and parameters.  Recently and I was asked if I was up for a crafting challenge and really all I knew was that hot glue was involved.  Always up for a little crafty fun a box arrived shortly after that.  

Cordless hot glue gun from Surebonder

Surebonder Cordless + Detail High Temp Glue Gun

Cordless – what?  Like I can take this glue gun with me to the project or the tree?  How many times have I had to unplug my glue gun and run somewhere to attach something before the glue goes cold?  Now I have 2 minutes at a time of free reign to glue wherever my little heart desires!  

Hey guess what?  This post is sponsored by Surebonder – I was compensated and got a rad new glue gun but all opinions are my own.

All that being said when Surebonder asked me if I was up for a challenge who was I to say no?

Hanging display of felt succulents

DIY Hanging Succulent Planter

Remember when I said I liked succulents and pompoms and wall hanging and kittens?  Well sadly Surebonder didn’t send me a new kitten but along with my cool new hot glue gun they did send me all the fixings to make this colorful and kitschy hanging succulent planter.  Though at first glance at the box contents that might not be the first thing that comes to mind.  That’s why it’s a challenge!

Surebonder challenge

Crafty Challenge Accepted

So to launch their new cordless hot glue gun Surebonder sent me a box of random craft supplies.  All they told me was that I had to use at least 7 items in the box.  Just 7, pffft do they think I’m an amateur?  I heated up my new hot glue gun and formulated a plan.


Small wooden pallet wall planter

1. Wood Slices

My first thought was to make a sun shape with the wooden slats and the round piece of wood, but when I glanced at my saw something else came to mind.  The pieces measured 14″s in length so using a handsaw I cut all of the pieces in half.  Next I started to play Jenga until the idea of wall planter came to me!

Cutting foam cones for backing in planter

2) Syrofoam Cones

The wall planter needed something in the bottom so that from profile it would look deep, but was not actually all that deep.  Enter the foam cones.  Again with my handsaw I cut up the cones and filled the base with bits of styrofoam.

Wooden wall planter side view

3) Clear Hot Glue

Now that my plan was starting to come together I assembled the wall planner.  4 pieces along the bottom and 6 pieces around the sides.  Everything was put together using my new Surebonder Cordless Glue Gun.  Already I could tell this thing was going to be a craft on the go life saver.  I also glued the foam to the base of the planter.

Teal paint on glitter textured paper.

4) Textured Glitter Sheets

There were two white textured glitter sheets in the box.  Felt like maybe I should make something winter themed for my challenge.  Then again maybe not.

Green glittered paper for making DIY succulents

5) Craft Paint

No offense to white, but clearly I needed shades of green for this project.  Good thing there was also craft paint in my package.  Full disclosure, my kids had put all my paint away (Hooray) including the paint that came with this package so I couldn’t remember what color came with my package (Boo).  I picked succulent green.

Shapes cut from glitter sheets for making DIY succulents

Cut Shapes

So after I painted the sheets and allowed everything to dry I cut out circles and triangles with pinking sheers.  These would be glued together to form my succulents.  These are really fun and easy to make!

DIY felt succulents in a hanging wood wall planter

Let’s Make DIY Succulents

Using a combination of the painted glitter paper and felt I made a few DIY succulents.  There are several different ways you can make these depending on your favorite styles and shapes.  Check out these ideas for more inspiration.

Using a hot glue gun to add polka dots to a DIY felt succulent

6) Cordless Glue Gun and Neon Green Glue

This Surebonder cordless glue gun might be my new best friend.  The other thing I love is the fine tipped nozzle.  Could I add neon green glue gun polka dots to the tips of my faux succulents?  You bet I can!

DIY succulent adorned with sequins from a fan.

7) Sequin Covered Fan and Succulents

I think one of the more random things in the package was this black fan.  Sure I felt like doing a quick Flamenco dance or pretending to be a contestant on Dragula, but alas I opted to just pillage the sequins.  Using the fine tipped hot glue gun I added the sequins to a few of the felt leaves.

Faux DIY succulents with pompoms

8) Pompoms Make Everything Better

Did you really think we were going to get through this project without using a pompom?  No way!  Thank heavens Surebonder included a bag of neon pompoms in my challenge box.  They make the perfect centers for faux succulents.

Also – wait, what’s that, am I at 8 items from the box when I only needed to use 7?  Yes, yes I am.  Just call me an overachiever.

DIY wall hanging with felt succulents and butterflies

9) Butterflies

There were three packages of butterflies in my challenge box but I showed restraint (shocking I know).  This one loan orange guys sits atop a neon pink pompom.

Kitschy DIY wall hanging with tinsel and felt succulents

10) Silver Tinsel

Usually I’m a fan of dried moss with terrariums and succulents, but the bag of silver tinsel in my box was calling my name.  There was nothing realistic about this hanging succulent arrangement I thought why stop now.  Plus a little sparkle is always a good thing.

Eclectic gallery wall with hanging DIY succulent planter.

There you have it people.  I showed that challenge box who’s the boss PLUS I love my new Surebonder cordless glue gun.  Oh and if you are keeping track, ya that green ribbon I used to hang the succulent planter – it came from the box too.  Please excuse me while I go pat myself on the back and bask in the glory of the latest addition to my gallery wall.





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