King Cake Ornaments Perfect For Your Mardi Gras Tree

It’s King Cake season, today is Three Kings Day as a matter of fact.  That means Mardi Gras is on the horizon and it is time to start thinking in gold, green and purple.  Planning to decorate a Mardi Gras tree, well guess what I have a DIY King Cake ornament that would be perfect.

Decorate a tree to celebrate Mardi Gras complete with DIY King Cake Ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

Just because you don’t live in New Orleans or plan to flash anyone for beads does not mean you can’t appreciate some DIY Mardi Gras action.  Have you ever eaten King Cake?  It’s a festive treat to celebrate Three King’s Day involving a braided cake and tiny toy babies.  Sounds like a great theme for a clay ornament to me.

DIY clay King Cake ornaments for a Mardi Gras tree by Jennifer Perkins

That ornament looks good enough to eat, but don’t.  Instead put him on your Mardi Gras tree, hang him from your rear view mirror or add him to a strand of beads as a chunky pendant.  I’ve been waiting for the perfect craft to use these plastic baby cake toppers on and I finally found it!

Mardi Gras colored clay balls for DIY King Cake Ornaments


  • Oven bake clay (purple, green and yellow)
  • Oven or heat gun
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Plastic baby cupcake toppers
  • Pompom
Roll clay into snakes in order to braid them into King cakes.

Roll clay into three snakes of even size for each ornament you plan to make.

Braid clay snakes into a King Cake shape.

Braid the clay and shape into a circle.

Baked and glittered clay Kings Cake ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

Bake according to manufacturers instructions.  Afterwards coat with clear glue and sprinkle with glitter while the glue is wet.  King Cake has chunky sugar sprinkles on it so the glitter should mimic that.  Allow to dry.

Supplies for making air dry clay king cake ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

On each King Cake glue a pompom and small baby doll.  Allow glue to dry completely.  Attach a small piece of string for hanging.

Mardi Gras tree by Jennifer Perkins with DIY King Cake ornaments.

Look at that tree just busting at the seams with little Mardi Gras King Cakes.  They are so easy to make you will want an entire tree full.  I might still one to wear on a necklace come March!  Now excuse me, I need to go eat some real King Cake.  Yum!


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Kids Mardi Gras necklace with clay beads.

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DIY Mardi Gras mask as a tree topper by Jennifer Perkins

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DIY clay King Cake ornaments for a Mardi Gras tree by Jennifer Perkins


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