Junk Journaling – Not Your Grandmother’s Scrapbooking

How to make a junk journal

My rule of thumb when it comes to junk journals is that if it sits still long enough it will find a way into my journal.  Vintage packages of panty hose are no exception.  The same was true when I made Naughty Secretary Club jewelry.  I guess I am a magpie for kitsch.  Over on the DIY Network blog I am sharing some pages from my art journals.  I thought I would share some pictures here too since it had been awhile.

Combing art journals and junk journals.

There is no hard and fast rules for creating a junk journal.  That is probably why I like the process so much.  For me creating these books and journals is very intuitive.  People talk about intuitive painting, but for me I do intuitive scrapbooking.  I might paint, add a photograph, staple a vintage paper doll and throw in some stickers and stencils all on the same page.


I love my journals to have lot’s of texture.  I want the experience to be equally interesting visually as it is tactile wise.  I have an entire post about using fabric in your art journals.  I’ve even embroidered pages and added pompom fringe!

art journaling with children.

As my children have gotten over my art journals have become communal family art journals.  I almost like these types of pages the best.  Sometimes my kids will straight up adorn a page and other times I add their drawings to an existing page in my own journal.  We have even been known to whip up beads from their art journal pages and my own to make jewelry.


Feeling inspired?  Check out my post on DIY Network for more ideas.  Also don’t forget these scrapbook and art journal related posts in the archives… Halloween, December Daily, Using Typography, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Making Your Own Paper and more.

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