Jelly Beans and Shot Gun Shells

This weekend I channeled my inner Jonathan Adler a bit. As I cruised the aisles of various Marshals around Austin looking for a new suitcase to take to Los Angeles I kept eyeballing these oversized glass candy jars. As a child my best friend Erin always had candy jars at her house. Her mother had a big display in different shapes and sizes filled with various candies; I was partial to the lemon drops. Anyway the candy jars at Marshals were about 3 times the size and there was something about them that spoke to me. I remembered a picture in My Prescription for Anti-Depressant Living by Jonathan Adler. The room had a baroque fireplace, clown painting, a piece of odd French furniture that I can not think of the name of (please comment if you know) and 2 big jars of Jelly Beans. It was like kismet that I would think of this picture because just the week before I had been trying to think of what to do with my shot gun shells. Last year at a flea market an old man in overalls was selling giant zip lock bags full of spent shot gun shells. Who knew they came in bright colors like apple green, lavender and teal. Anyway they were a dollar a bag so I snatched up all that he had. They have been hiding in a closet ever since and I was just thinking I needed to get a big clear vase to fill with them. Candy jars are better, way better. I snagged up all that my cart could hold and helped the annoyed looking checker wrap them carefully in paper. As if the interior design Gods were really trying to tell me something the next day I went to Sams. I had no plans to buy home decorating items in a bulk store, just toilet paper but there I was standing in the candy aisle because Chris was craving nuts (we opted for pistachios). As I waited for him to find his nuts there right in front of me were the giant 10 lbs bags of jelly beans. I thought I can do shot gun shells in half and jelly beans in the other. It was brilliant! The minute I got home I barely got the lifetime supply of paper towels and diet cokes out of the car and I was dumping shells and beans into candy jars. I placed them proudly on the top shelf of my entertainment center and basked with pride. I thought I might have to move my Foo Dogs and collection of Asian art from behind, but I think somehow they all go together ok. I also like that the shelf is high enough that I will not be tempted to raid the jelly beans, they are after all the gourmet kind and who can resist a toasted marshmallow jelly bean.

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  1. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Hey Nichole, thanks for the kind words. I was pretty dang pleased with how they turned out. As you can tell from the man’s mannequin crotch that sits above my television I do like my home dec a little on the tack-a-liscious side. I figure I have to look at it all the time I might as well at least find it mildly amusing.

  2. alicia

    I think they look great too! I totally covet your man’s mannequin crotch, by the way.

    I’ve seen folks stick shotgun shells on christmas lights, which is also pretty festive. But I like the candy bowls better myself. : )

  3. jungle dream pagoda

    Alrighty!!! You rock ! this is soo my kind of decorating,love the other goodies in the entertainment center and how fabulous of the TV Gods to provide a Blackspoitation film for the on screen bit!!!!!!!!!!!


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