It’s Your Birthday – Have a Bowl!

Thanks Scrumdilly-Do for your adorable paper bowl hat idea. It was a big hit for my husband’s birthday yesterday.

Gather up the craft paint, glitter, glue, pom poms, ribbon, scissors and hole punch. The plan was to let Tallulah go crazy on the bowls, but truthfully Chris and I had as much fun adorning bowls as she did.

Once our bowls were dried I punched holes in either side and attached ribbon so all our party guests could wear their hats.

The second best thing at our wee little birthday, next to the hats, was the skateboard themed birthday party set from 1986 I scored at the thrift store. I even served cupcakes on a skateboard to keep up the theme!

Happy Birthday Chris! I hope you had a bowl.

4 Responses to “It’s Your Birthday – Have a Bowl!”

  1. Loulou

    Hilarious! A family that bowls together stays together, made evident by the bowl craft being done in a room filled with bowling balls!


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