ISpy Image Blog Hop – 5 Bloggers, 5 Images, a Whole Lotta Fun!

I am so stinkin’ excited to tell you guys about this new Ispy project I am a part of.  Yup, Ispy.  As in search in find, Where’s Waldo and all the other names your favorite childhood game goes by.  This new and improved updated version is all about the colorful flat lay.  Guess what else?  I’m not alone.  There’s more of us, as in it’s an ispy image blog hop.

I Spy flat lay with vintage trinkets.


ISpy Summer Blog Hop

So let me tell you about my fabulous co-hosts!  Each of these bloggers has their own Ispy Image on their websites with their own questions and things to find.  Super duper crazy amounts of fun.  We can’t wait to hear what you think about this project as we have plans for more!!!  Without further ado let me introduce you to my co-hosts on this blog hop.

PMQ For Two

A Kailo Chic

Lovely Indeed

Delineate Your Dwelling

Club Crafted

Find and seek flat lay of rainbow colored vintage toys.

So here you have it ladies and gentlemen, my Ispy flat lay.  Are you ready for the questions?  Leave me a comment with your answers and any other questions I should have asked.

  • 1 Pocket Knife
  • 2 Clocks
  • 3 Googly Eyes
  • 4 Birds
  • 5 Dogs
Eclectic gallery wall full of clown art, rainbows and wreaths.

Did you guys see my Kitsch Covered Rainbow Wreath I decorated for pride month?  It was covered in wee little trinkets like the ones in my flat lay.  Honestly you could pop over to that post and play Ispy all over again with the wreath.  Pop over to my Etsy stores The Huntresses Gartherer and Naughty Secretary Club where you can find everything for your own kitschy rainbow colored flay lay or Pride wreath.

I Spy Image Blog Hop with Jennifer Perkins

Did you find everything?  You could get really crazy and count all the flowers or all the rhinestones.  Feel free to add your own questions.  After you finish here please hop over and say hello to my creative co-hosts.  Tell them I sent you.




5 Responses to “ISpy Image Blog Hop – 5 Bloggers, 5 Images, a Whole Lotta Fun!”

  1. Jeannie Wallace

    Totally killer I spy image blog hopping boards ladies. Did all and found everything, but it was not as easy as you may think. This are great boards. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I’m 46 and it’s been at least a couple of years since I played the game lol. Nice boards to make s come back too.


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