I’m Dreaming of a Neon Pink Christmas


When I was a teenager I wanted to paint my room black.  My mother compromised and went for dark forest green.  On the Christmas of my 17th (ish) year my parent’s house was on a Christmas home tour.  Hundreds of people were going to walk through their pristine Victorian home and see my forest green walls covered with Ministry, Skinny Puppy and KMFDM posters.  My mother did what any mother in her right mind would do, she turned off the lights.  All that was lit was a miniature snow village on tables in my room.  You couldn’t see the posters, but you could see the snow capped houses.  Recently my mother gifted me that village.  The catch: I was not in love. I’m a Kitschmas kind of gal and this village was way too traditional for my taste. Lucky for me there is nothing a can of spray paint and some glitter can’t fix.


First things first decide on a color, clearly neon pink is your best bet.  The key to spray paint (besides outside, clean, dry) is several light coats. Let your spray paint dry between your light coats. It took me two cans to get the shade of florescent pink I wanted.  Your paint job is not going to look opaque and amazing on round one.

Once my village was completely dry those snow capped roofs were calling for glitter. Who was I to deny them? Using Tacky Glue I followed the designs already on the houses and even added a little extra snow here and there across roof pitches. While the glue is wet sprinkle your glitter. Go heavy, the more glitter the better.  I used a combination of chunky and fine glitter.

Besides snowy roofs I also glittered trees, doors and occasionally signs using the same method. Blow off any excess glitter outside.

If you are looking for some additional snowball action for your village might I suggest neon colored snow pompoms and far from natural green trees. My vintage neon blow molds feel right at home in this village.

Neon pink snow villages are much more my speed. I still have the family heirloom, but I made them fit my style.

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