Welcome to the DIY Jungle – An Ikea Hack Tiger Tray!

Every good hostess with the mostess needs a DIY serving tray in their lives.  Serve breakfast in bed with style or just make sure the kids don’t spill their macaroni while watching TV.  Any which way you plan to use this handmade fabric covered tray it is the right way.  Boho vibes abound in this easy Ikea Hack.

It’s all about the fabric really.  You could use paper too, or even wallpaper if you wanted to get really fancy.  This whole project was inspired by this amazing retro tiger fabric.  The minute I laid eyes on it I knew I had to find a way to showcase it and since I don’t sew, making a tray seemed like the next best option.  Plus ya know easy.  I do love me an easy DIY Ikea hack.

When my friend brought this fabric to recent craft night I swooped it up before anyone could say RAAWWWRRR. Me and tigers, we are besties. I even have a tiger tattoo!  It is also a little known fact that tigers make everything better. Whether it be jewelry, silkscreened records,  terrariumshoodies or serving trays.

– Ikea glass topped tray (obviously you don’t have to use an Ikea tray)
– Fabric glue
– Fabric
– Trim
– Scissors
– Glass
– Chalk 
IKEA Tray Hack
The most complicated part about this project is the custom glass I had cut.  I took my tray to a glass store and had a piece cut to fit inside. If you have a tray that has a removable top piece of glass you are one step ahead.  I wanted a piece of glass so that wet drinks and spills would not ruin my precious tiger fabric.  
The first step is using the piece of glass as a guide trace it onto your fabric with a chalk pencil.
IKEA Tray Hack
Use a glue that comes in adhesive sheets or am aerosol glue to attach the fabric to the tray.  Liquid glue like craft glue will leave dark spots in the fabric.  
IKEA Tray Hack
Cut the fabric along the chalk lines.  If you are using adhesive glue paper remove the backing on one side and attach to your fabric.  Smooth to remove any bubbles.
IKEA Tray Hack
Remove the second set of backing and attach to the tray.  Using glue (fabric, craft or hot) to apply piping or trim to the edge of your fabric.  This will cover any rough or raw edges.
IKEA Tray Hack
Allow the glue to dry completely and then replace the glass on top of the tray.  Pretty classy looking right?  I bought that crossoint just for this picture.  Usually I eat oatmeal for breakfast, but this looked so much prettier.
IKEA Tray Hack
You could do this same thing to TV trays, tops of side tables – you name it!  When you find a fabric as cute as this one it deserves to be seen.  Now what shall I cover next?  What are you thinking about covering now?
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      Thanks so much Robert. The fabric was so awesome I could have put it on anything and it would have looked good!


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