Celebrating National Ice Cream Month with a Christmas Tree in July


Pink Ice Cream Themed Christmas Tree by Jennifer Perkins

No wonder July is National Ice Cream Month, it’s so hot I could eat a bowl or cone full every day or make one.  No, I don’t mean making ice cream you eat I mean ice cream you craft for your ice cream tree.  You don’t have your ice cream tree up yet?  You will after you peep all the ice cream themed trees on the Treetopia Blog Hop.  (Yup that is a sponsored link as is this entire post)

I am so super excited to be kicking off this week’s blog hop with so many amazing bloggers like Sarah of All Things With Purpose, Yami of The Latina Nextdoor, Jennifer of Smart Fun DIY, Krys of My Melodrama and Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate.    PLUS next week I am going to be doing 4 different Facebook Live Videos on my page and on the Treetopia page sharing how to make your own ice cream themed ornaments.  Monday July 17th through Thursday July 20th 3pm CST.

How to decorate an ice cream tree.

I wasn’t sure I could top last years ice cream tree, but size alone is bigger and better.  This amazing and gorgeous pink tree is 9ft tall!  That is a lot of tree people.  Ya know what that means, a lot of ornaments!  Luckily, ice cream cone crafts happens to be one of my favorite past times (check out this DIY ice cream cone ornament and this DIY ice cream cone ornament.)  I even have a Pinterest board all about them that inspired a lot of these ornaments I’ll be showing you on FB Live.

Pink Ice Cream Themed Christmas Tree by Jennifer Perkins

I’ve always dreamed of having my own giant pink Christmas tree and now I do!  I might bust this ice cream social theme back out for Christmas it’s so cute.  As I mentioned, I kinda have this thing with ice cream crafts.  More so than even eating it, I love making crafts inspired by it.  That is why I am so excited to share the DIY ornament projects with you next month.  There is yarn, decoden, clay, paint and real ice cream cones and sprinkles involved!  


I’ll be back all next week sharing my FB Live videos and and all the details on how to make the ice cream ornaments on my tree.  Did I mention there will be giveaways involved?  Yesssss…..

***This post was sponsored and I was given a free Christmas tree.  I am the brand ambassador for Treetopia.  Mama has to pay the bills and I loved decorating trees long before I was paid to.***

Want more ice cream ideas?  Sure you do!

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  1. Debbie-Dabble

    LOVE THIS!! I do a “Sweet” Summer Tree in my Craft Room and decorate it with ice cream cone , cup cake and tea cup and tea pot ornaments!! Love the pink Tree. I have one that I
    decorate as one of my Easter Trees….


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