Get Crafty with these Christmas in an Ice Cream Cone Ornaments

As a little girl my very favorite Christmas ornament was one that my babysitter Janet Maxwell gave to me. It was a DIY ice cream cone ornaments.  Janet was cool and would tell me about the U2 and Go-Go’s concerts she would go to, she drove a blue car with yellow polka dots and she was a cheerleader. To me Janet hung the moon so when she made my sister and I Ice Cream Cone Christmas ornaments you know I thought they were they best thing to happen to December 25th since Rudolph.
DIY Christmas Ice Cream Cone Ornaments by Jennifer Perkins
I had long since forgotten about Janet and her crafty cones until I was recently flipping through a copy of Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas for 1961. The kitschy holiday pictures and crafts had me turning the pages like this baby was straight off the New York Times Best Sellers List. Then there it was… the Ice Cream Cone Tree on page 27 and the memories of Janet and her ornament came rushing back. As you might recall from my customized cartons, loquat and pumpkin flavors and even painted tights – I kind of have a thing for ice cream cones. Maybe it all started with Janet and her ornament.
Supplies for making ice cream cone Christmas ornaments

Ice Cream Cone
Craf Paint
Iron On Crystals
Christmas Ball Ornament

How to make an ice cream cone ornament for Christmas
The first thing you need to do is glue your ornament into your ice cream cone. Remember you can use a plastic or glass ornament, solid or printed – you name it. You just want to be sure to leave the part with the hanger out of the cone. Speaking of cones if you are more of a sugar cone guy or gal go for it! I used glue along the rim of my cone to anchor my ball in place.

Painting ornaments to look like ice cream cones for ornaments.
You could stop there, but why? I like to think if you are reading the Naughty Secretary Club blog you too are a firm believer in the more is always better philosophy. That being the case let’s put some topping on that cone. I used paint and free handed a yummy topping onto my Christmas ball. While the paint was still wet (and fairly thick) I sprinkled on glitter. Allow to dry.

Hot pink Christmas tree with ice cream cone ornaments by Jennifer Perkins
If you are going to take the step of adding an ooey gooey glittery faux candy dipping sauce, what’s a few rhinestones? Glue add small dots randomly around your cone and stick in your rhinestones. Allow to dry.

How to make DIY ice cream cone Christmas ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

These ornaments look good enough to eat, though I would not recommend it. Speaking of, just because you would not eat these ice cream cones does not mean someone (or something) else wouldn’t. When storing your cones I recommend a zip lock bag so hungry little attic vermin don’t decide to snack on your cone during the other 11 months of the year.

Buy yourself a pack of cones, some crafting supplies a cheap box of ornaments and get crazy! You can use all kinds of color combinations, leave off the glitter if you want, glue a fake cherry on top, what about a double dip cone? The possibilities are endless.

*** Please note those was originally a sponsored post where I was provided supplies and compensated.  All opinions are my own. ***

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12 Responses to “Get Crafty with these Christmas in an Ice Cream Cone Ornaments”

  1. Linda Augsburg

    We had Christmas Ice Cream Cone ornaments too growing up. Ours weren't as cool as yours–Styrofoam balls in ice cream cones, with some velvet ribbon and pinned-in Christmas sequins. And too funny about it being Tiffany!

  2. milk and cookeez

    What a wonderful idea!! I have a bit of an ice cream issue. Not eating it too much, but the look of the ice cream and the cone. You have done a wonderful job with these! I think Im might just have to "borrow" your idea-thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    If you guys didn't hear what Linda is talking about. Apparently, and I had no idea, the little girl in the picture is Tiffany Windsor host of Inspired at Home Radio and the tree was made by her mother Aleene Jackson. Talk about a small world. Man my mom was crafty growing up, but I'm here to tell you she never put an ice cream cone tree in my bedroom. Tiffany you are one lucky girl.

  4. Kacy

    Wow, these ice cream cone ornaments bring back some memories. Believe it or not, my very crafty first grade teacher helped our class make these together, some 18 years ago. I think my mom still has that ornament on her tree. The cone part has actually held up quite well, probably all the preservatives in those things. lol

    We used those teenie tiny multi colored beads for sprinkles.

  5. Jenn

    OMG! I must say, I love you! I've had these little plastic cones kicking around forever, that I knew I'd "do something with someday", AND I have an uncontrollable obsession with buying vintage glass Christmas ornaments. I know what I'm doing with the rest of my day! THANK YOU! <3

  6. Inspired at Home

    Yes, the little girl in the photo is me 🙂 It was so funny when I saw Jennifer's project photo posted on FB and thought "Gosh that brings back wonderful memories of a tree that Mom decorated for me. I just loved that tree." So I clicked on Jennifer's link and burst out laughing because there was the original picture of me 🙂 I have this picture somewhere in the Aleene's


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