I Never Said I Quit Making Jewelry

I’ve been busy adding new jewelry to my Jennifer Perkins Art Etsy Store.  Not your typical jewelry, but ya know the kitschy weird hand painted kind.

When I quit Naughty Secretary Club I never said I was quitting jewelry all together.  Old school fans might notice some influence and components from my previous life.  Vintage flowers, JFK charms, chunky plastic chains and color.  Lot’s of color.

I used to make jewelry because I could not find any I wanted to wear.  The same thing is still true expect nowadays I have taken things a step further.  Now not only do I create jewelry, I paint the components to make the jewelry with.  I was tired of relying entirely on what I found at the flea market or craft store I wanted to paint my own cameos, beads and pendants.

So yes my love affair with jewelry continues.  It never stopped.  Now it is just a combination of Jennifer Perkins Art, The Huntress Gatherer and Naughty Secretary Club – all the things I love painting, vintage hunting and crafting.  Love to hear what you think.

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