Cute and Easy DIY Prize Ribbon Brooch

As you know I have been in a jewelry making furry getting ready for the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. I thought I would share with you one of my favorite pieces so far, Woody Woodland.

Lately I have been more than a little obsessed with prize winning rosettes and at the same time have been renewing my love for wood cut discs. Today on I Love to Create let’s see what happens when wood meets ribbon.

Fabric with Image
Liquid Fusion Glue
Fabric for Background
Wooden Disc
Fabric Fusion Glue
Pin Back
Pre-stiffened craft felt

It all started with some fabric scraps my mother gave me with pictures of cute woodland creatures. I cut out the rabbit and using Liquid Fusion Glue attached him to pre-stiffened craft felt.

I chose a matching plaid fabric to use as the background for my brooch. I cut out a circle and using Liquid Fusion Glue attached it to the wooden disc. Using Fabric Fusion Glue I attached Woody. don’t worry about the dark spots from the glue they will lighten as they dry.

I had some vintage Holly Hobby style ribbon from the 70’s I had been dying to use and my brooch was the perfect excuse. I cut 8 pieces of ribbon in 3″ strips. I also cut 4 pieces of orange lace at 3″s.

Fold your ribbon into little cones and glue together with Liquid Fusion Glue. I added orange lace to half of my ribbons. Attach the ribbon to the back of the wood disc with Liquid Fusion Glue. Cut two longer lengths of ribbon (be sure to cut V’s in the bottoms) to make your rosette a prize winning ribbon attach with Liquid Fusion Glue.

Cut out a circle of pre-stiffened craft felt to attach to the back of your brooch with Liquid Fusion Glue. Attach a pin with Liquid Fusion Glue to make your brooch wearable.

I say I’m going to take Woody Woodland with me, but then again maybe I won’t be able to part with him. He looks so cute hanging out with all my other brooches in the bedroom. You will just have to stop by the Naughty Secretary Club booth and see for yourself.

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  1. Laura

    It was so awesome to meet you this weekend! I can't wait to start creating with my jar of cool stuff 😉


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