I Love to Create – Witch Nosedive Planter

One of my favorite Halloween ideas I have seen this holiday season is a planter with two striped legs sticking out of them as if a witch lost control of her broom and did a nose dive. Today for I Love to Create I decided to make a small scale version in a potted plant.

Aleene’s Tacky Line Runner
Barbie Legs
Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue
Tulip Fashion Glitter Black
Tulip Fashion Glitter Purple

Stripe your legs with Tacky Line Runner. Once you have your first set of stripes cover with one of the colors of glitter. Shake off excess.

You can use the tape for the second set of stripes, but I opted for a paintbrush and glue. I was afraid I would have to handle the legs too much to add a second stripe of tape and would remove the glitter with my hands. After I had wet glue on the remaining stripes I sprinkled with the second shade of glitter. Be sure to give your witch legs some black shoes.

All that is left to do is stick your legs in a pot. I just bought a pair of striped tights tonight to make the big life size version for my front porch. I’ll be sure to post pictures when I’m done!

***This is a sponsored post by I Love to Create – I was compensated & given free supplies. Mama has gotta pay the bills somehow and really who in their right mind would say no to free craft supplies***

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