I Love to Create – There’s a Party ON my Tummy Yo Gabba Shirt


Like most red blooded toddlers my daughter loves Yo Gabba Gabba.  When she was born I started with lofty ideals of not letting her watch television until she was older, but then I got pregnant and morning sick and all bets were off.  Plus the show and it’s ‘Super Music Friends Show’ appealed to me as much as it did her.  All that being said when Yo Gabba Live: There’s a Party in My City headed to Austin I snagged tickets for my family in a jiffy.


I couldn’t let Tallulah go to her 1st big show in just any outfit, I needed to make something custom and special.  I’m a big fan of Leslie Hall and her Gabba episode so her back-up dancers the Jr. Gems and their Yo Gabba inspired outfits seemed like the perfect inspiration.

Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
Paint Brushes
Crafty Chica Fabric Marker
Tulip Fashion Glitter

The Nick Jr. website has all kinds of fun downloads for kids including coloring pages.  These pages are perfect to use as a guide for painting people like say Brobee on a shirt.  They would also make great embroidery patterns!

I used a Crafty Chica Fabric Marker to draw Brobee’s face on my shirt.

The next step was to place a board or a box between the two layers of my shirt so that paint does not seep through to the back.  Using Tulip Soft Paint I went back in and filled in my face.

While my paint was still wet I sprinkled a combination of various Tulip Fashion Glitters.  You could also use Glitter Bond, but I’m a fan of the wet paint method myself.

If you are not familiar with Leslie Hall’s Razzle Dazzle Dance on Yo Gabba Gabba, let me explain the outfits.  The girls wear gold lame leggins paired with glittery/gem encrusted sweatshirts depicting various Yo Gabba characters.  Brobee is Tallulah’s fave character so making the choice of who to paint was obvious.  As luck would have it Leslie herself made a guest appearance at the show so it was fate!

She and her friends were the belles of the Yo Gabba ball in their themed outfits!

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  1. deborah

    my grandkids(4 and 2) LOVE yogabbagabba and have gone to the live show too! my husband and i love to watch it. our fave is the jack black one. we play it over and over! it's a very savvy show made to appeal to the parents too! your daughter looked adorable!


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