Specs Appeal Necklace – DIY Eyeglasses Necklace

Today is the last project in our month long series revamping jewelry from The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Guide to Handmade Jewelry for our I Love to Create Column (sponsored). I hope you have enjoyed all the projects: Fabric Scrap Bracelet, Shredded Junk Mail Pin Pong Ball Necklace, Wearing Your Collection Bracelet and Fabric Necklace. Today is a new spin on one of my favorite projects in the book, the Specs Appeal Necklace.

In the book I used a pair of glasses, but for the remake we are only going to use a lens. This is a fun and easy project I have made several times and always love how they turn out. I get a kick out of searching for vintage images of people wearing glasses to use in the necklace! Plus the project is super duper easy to make. Read on for complete instructions and for a chance to win your own copy of The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry.

Aleene’s Instant Decoupage
Tulip® Soft Fabric Paint (Petal Pink)
Image of someone wearing glasses
Craft Knife
Old Eye Glasses
Dremel Drill (with small bit)
Silver Chain Necklace
2 silver jump rings
Flat nose pliers
Wire Clippers
Sponge Brush

Hunt and Gather
You might be wondering; “where does one find vintage images of kids wearing a headdress and eyeglasses?”. Well the answer is you buy books at your thrift store and hope for the best or you snag some Crafty Collage Curios. Old eyeglasses are also easily found at the thrift store. Look for pairs that are plastic, have large lenses and are not bifocals.

Boil a pot of water and pop in your glasses. Let them boil for 3-5 minutes. The heat weakens the plastic frames.

Drain the water and rinse with cool water until you can touch the lenses. Apply pressure and each lens should pop right out of the frame.

Once you have chosen your image, make sure it will fit inside your lens. Slather the inside of the lens with Aleene’s Instant Decoupage. Squish your image to the lens. Apply more Aleene’s Instant Decoupage to the backside of your image and smooth out all the bubbles and wrinkles. Allow to dry completely.

Once your decoupage has dried go back in with your scissors and cut off excess paper. Use your fingernail to scrape off any decoupage that might have gotten on the front of the lens. Use your craft knife to trim around the edges for a close finish.

Using your Tulip® Soft Fabric Paint coat the backside of your lens with a matching color. This acts as a protective barrier and also gives your lens pendant a more finished look. Allow to dry completely.

Using a small drill with a small bit drill two holes in the top two corners of your lens.

Using your wire clippers snip your 18” silver chain necklace at the very center link so that it is in two strands. Using your flat nosed pliers attach the two strands to either hole in your lens using a silver jump ring.

There you have it, easy and as cute as can be! Nothing says the image you use has to be a picture of someone wearing glasses; I just love a good theme. Embellish the lens with some Tulip Glam It Up Crystals (attach them with some Liquid Fusion Glue rather than iron, duh) or perhaps some plastic flower petals.

The way you enter yourself to win a free copy of The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry is to leave me a comment. Not just any comment. The comment field about “what do you look for in a craft book” got such a good response today I thought I would ask “what do you look for in a blog how-to project”. Do you prefer step by step with pictures or do you like video? Are the instructions or the pictures more important to you? How often do you make the projects you have seen on a craft blog? Any and all comments pertaining to how-to blog projects would be appreciated! Good luck you have a week to enter.

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*Please note I was given free materials and compensated for this post, but all materials are my own*

36 Responses to “Specs Appeal Necklace – DIY Eyeglasses Necklace”

  1. Jennie C.

    Photos are critical. Close ups. All angles. Especially of the parts of the instructions that are unclear. I won’t even bother with a project without photos. Your tutorials are great.

    Videos are nice, but I often just don’t take the time for them – it’s quicker to glance through instructions and photos to get the gist of the project.

    I love doing craft things, but there

  2. j maxwell

    If it’s online, I like photos with the directions. I agree with Jennie C., I like to get the gist of the whole project before I start. I also like photos of the supplies you’ll need because sometimes I have no idea what a certain tool is.

    Love your tutorials, so easy to read. I also love variations on the project, how to embellish further, etc.

  3. Emily Babb

    Jennifer – I really enjoyed your video on resin jewelry. I think because it is a long process, the video made more sense than pictures with instructions would have.

    However, most DIYs are easier for me to understand if they have pics + instructions.

    I have made a few things I found on designspongeonline.com and howaboutorange.blogspot.com. I’ve yet to try any of your

  4. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Ya some tutorials, like using resin are easier to do than to write. That is why I opted to make that one a video, that and I had gotten a new Flip camera!

    I have never heard of How About Orange, must head over there right this instant and check it out.

  5. Lottie

    I prefer step by step instructions with really good pictures – especially showing any tricky steps. To be honest I haven’t made many projects that I see on blogs (then again I read a lot of blogs) but I do bookmark things that I want to make or really inspire me. Then when I get some real craft time (- like a long weekend) I know what I want to make and have the supplies ready.

  6. WireMySoul

    I really like instructions with lots of photos as well, for most craft projects. I like being able to see the steps and finished project right off the bat, rather than committing X minutes to a video before I can see how it turned out. The exception is knit and crochet techniques! I really love videos for those!

    I also like to see materials (and alternative materials) lists and a

  7. Rachel@oneprettything.com

    I prefer step by step pictures. As much as I like videos, I’m forever pausing at certain steps trying to get a clear image. Step by step photos are much easier for me to follow. LOVE this project, I’ll be linking!

  8. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Rachel thanks tons for including me in the Daily DIY your the best! Seems like we all agree about the video versus pictures. I totally agree with the excessive use of the pause button. I like to be able to print things out and take it away from my computer too. Who crafts right at their computer?

  9. Kailee

    I much more prefer step by step instructions and pictures. While videos are nice because you see everything being done, I often don’t have enough patience to watch the entire video and then watch it again while I’m doing the project.
    I wish I could say I make all, or even most of, the projects I see and want to make, but sadly, I don’t. I don’t actually make a lot of them. But I leave them

  10. Rete

    I love for projects to have lots of detailed pictures because sometimes reading the instructions don’t make sense if you don’t have some familiarity with the process.

  11. Anonymous

    Hi! I’m new to this blog and I’m enjoying it! I prefer step-by-step instructions with pictures in blog projects as I learn best with visual and written aids. I find videos difficult because the sound and quality aren’t always good and it’s easier to look over a step you don’t understand with written and photo instructions.

  12. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    I’m so glad I asked this question. I was feeling behind the times for not doing more how-to videos. Also sometimes I feel like my how-to projects have too many pictures and the pictures are too big. However, nothing irritates me more than an online how-to project with pictures too small to see. I also love a nice clear finished project picture.

  13. SweetMeat

    Great pics with the crtical instructions included work best for me! I’m pretty visual and I’m sure lots o’ other crafters out there are too. If I can glance at the project (how-to) and grasp the concept I almost always give it a try…even if it’s only once. It often turns out to be a gift for someone especially if it’s something i can do in a pinch. THANKS! xo

  14. D. Marie

    Wow you have a wonderful creative mind. Where do you come up with the ideas for your crafts? Do you just see something and think, “I could make something out of that!”…what inspires you? I found your site from Cafe Fashionista…and I think your work is wonderful.

  15. Margot Potter

    Well, of course I like both! I like videos if the host is engaging, entertaining and does a good job of zooming in on details. Some things are hard to figure out on a printed page, but easy to understand when you see them done three dimensionally.

    I think crafting isn’t inherently entertaining, so it’s really important to make it fun and keep it moving forward or video crafting is

  16. The American Homemaker

    Cute idea 🙂 I have never watched a how-to video on a blog. I like the step by step with pictures, unless it’s ridiculous like some of them where you see a picture of every single ingredient going into the cookie batter. (I know what an egg looks like) A couple of them are fun, but not when it makes for a mile long posting.

  17. Wildwood Flower

    I like to watch television for my how-to videos, but online, I prefer pictures, the more the merrier. For me, clear instructions are a plus, but I prefer pictures that way I can embellish on a design or just use the pic as an inspiration. If I follow directions to a tee then sometimes I feel guilty that it is not my own creation. BUT then again, having instructions that explain a complicated

  18. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    margot I know what you mean about the host and editing making a difference. The videos of yours that I have seen were awesome.

    Kathy they do make really cute pins, check out the suggested reading for some links on how to make them.

    In my book as you can see in the picture I use the actual pair of glasses to make the necklace. It is probably my favorite project in the book.

  19. Heather

    I think my answer is both, photos and video, depending on the techniques used. Photos are great if it’s pretty basic and self explanitory(i.e. glue, paint, cut, etc.) But if it’s a new product that requires some care, or things like knit/crochet, resin, clay techniques, I find video to be the most helpful.

  20. Corvus

    Visual information, like a video or pictures, is more important than written instructions, though I certainly apperciate having both. When writing my own tutorials I try to include both ways I went wrong -my mistakes, and how to avoid them- as well as a few ideas for making the project your own.


  21. Amanda. L

    When I look for a blog how-to project, I look for easy projects with materials that could be easily found around the house.

    I prefer step-by step projects so I can scroll back up if I missed anything. Videos go a bit too fast for me xD

    The instructions definitely! But of course, if there’s anything complicated, pictures would help.

    I usually only make projects

  22. DiSailsToo

    I’ve gotta have lots of pics and good instructions. I usually save good tutorials on my hard-drive so videos are really not that important to me.

  23. chinamomxtwo

    how cute are these! love them! 🙂
    What I like is eaxactly what you did here. Easy to udnderstand directions, good clear photos and not tooooo long. Short , sweet & complete.

  24. Contessa Kris

    I love these necklaces! Something new for me to save, the broken glasses. Oh boy. I think I need a bigger art room.
    I love when there are tutorials on a blog. I like ones that use normal products, not ones I have to run out and buy something special I probably won’t use again. Plus I love pics. Lots of pics. But I’m a visual learner so some people might like more instruction. Thanks for all

  25. Deanna

    I do some tutorials, as many as I have time for! Most I can’t work in, but I still read them and see how it’s done, knowing I’ll think back on it later.

    I don’t use videos. It’s not a good fit for me. I like written instructions with some key photos (or diagrams/hand drawings). When there are too many photos, of stuff that isn’t helpful (or at least eye-candy), I think it makes for

  26. Rowan

    You could ask people at Lenscrafters and such if they will save old lens for you. They usually just throw them out if the owner doesn't want them anymore.


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