I Love to Create – Slice of Citrus Tote

Recently when I interviewed Cathy Callahan about her book Vintage Craft Workshop: Fresh Takes on Twenty-Four Classic Projects from the ’60s and ’70s I was inspired by the Citrus Slice Bulletin Board made by Nicole Vasbinder. Summer is here and I was in need of a new bag to take to the pool and those big orange slices came to mind.

2 White Buttons
Tulip Custom Dye Color Kit
Orange Felt
Tulip Tote
White Felt
Tub for Dying
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Glue
Tulip 3D Fabric Paint

The first thing I did was wash my tote bag. Any time you are going to dye anything if it is brand new be sure to wash it first. Once the tote was washed I put it in a tub with salt and water. I love being able to pick from about a bazillion shades of green when I use the Custom Dye Kit. Follow the dying directions then wash and dry your new green tote bag.

While the tote was dying I cut out my felt using various bowls and cups as my guide. You will need…
1 large orange felt circle
7 large pie shaped pieces of orange felt
1 large (but not as big as the orange one) white felt circle
2 small orange circles
1 small (smaller than the orange circle) piece of white felt
1 small rectangular piece of orange felt
8 small pie shaped pieces of orange felt

Once all my pieces were cut out I put together the large orange slice that was going on my tote bag using Fabric Fusion Glue. Next I glued the orange slice to my tote bag.

Sure I could have actually gone around the edges of my orange and embroidered, but why when you can get the same look in a lot less time with fabric paint. Just paint little dashes and presto looks like you spent hours stitching.

Using the smaller pieces of felt I cut out I made a key chain. I made the small orange slice the exact same way as before. You want a piece of cardboard slightly smaller than your orange. Sandwich the cardboard between the two small orange circles. Fold your orange felt rectangle in half and stick the loose ends in your cardboard felt sandwich. Use Fabric Fusion Glue around the edges and pinch to seal.

All that was left to was glue a small white button in the center of each citrus slice. I already have my bag packed with towels and sunblock, can’t wait to hit the pool with my new bag!

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