Transforming a Vintage Recipe Tin Into a Pin Cushion

Today’s I Love to Create project was inspired by a recent trip to an antique mall that my mother and I took. On one side of the aisle was a booth selling small boxes and vintage tins and the other side was a booth selling old empty thread spools. My mom wanted the tins and I wanted the spools then it clicked as to how we could join forces and make one adorable pin cushion!

Liquid Fusion Glue
Small Tin or Box
4 Empty Thread Spools
Aleene’s Instant Decopauge

Since I chose a small vintage recipe tin to transform into my pin cushion I needed to choose some fabric to match. I opted for a small black floral print from the 70’s. I cut small strips of the fabric and using Aleene’s Instant Decoupage I applied the strips to my empty spools.

I took my needle and thread and did a running stitch around the edge of the fabric. Once I had gone all the way around I pulled the edges to make a little pouch. I stuffed the pouch with polyfill and sewed the hole closed. I also used a small button in the center for a tufted look.

Once my decoupage had dried using Liquid Fusion glue I attached my 4 spools to my tin as if they were legs. I also coated the inside of my tin with glue and stuck my cushion down inside.


Pin cushion made from a recycled recipe tin.


The only thing left to do was add my sewing pins and get stitching!

What does your pin cushion look like? This is my third. I have a hodge podge ball shaped one my mother made, the old school tomatoes shaped option and my grandmother’s which is a ceramic woman whose ball gown skirt is the pin cushion. I’m curious about yours since pin cushions come in so many different shapes and sizes.

13 Responses to “Transforming a Vintage Recipe Tin Into a Pin Cushion”

  1. Mindy B.

    I made mine out of a martini glass. I painted the inside hot pink, then took a circle of fabrib and stiched around the edges add a bunch of stuffing in and closed it up. Then i hot glued the circle to the rim of the glass. I added ribbon around it.

    I also add some stuffed felt strawberries to the top, the black pins make it look like seeds!


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