I Love to Create – Making Monogrammed Sweaters

Sure monogrammed sweaters first gained popularity with Laverne and Alvin, but they seem to be making a resurgence. I can’t help but notice Project Runway contestant Valerie often sporting some sort of handmade looking name tag or monogram. The new movie ‘Easy A’ puts a different spin on Hester’s Scarlet letter A. I thought what better time with fall on the horizon to gussy up a few of my own cardigans.

I made two different cardigans for today’s I Love to Create post and am inspired to make several more. Let’s start with the ribbon monogram.

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Glue

This cardigan was super duper easy to make. I cut out 2 pieces of blue ribbon to form the letter J. I then adhered a piece of smaller thinner yellow ribbon in the center of this ribbon using Fabric Fusion Glue. I allowed my letter J applique to dry. Once the J was dry I used more Fabric Fusion Glue to attach it to my cardigan. Be sure to put a piece of paper of cardboard between the layers of your cardigan. You want to use enough glue to make sure your letter stays put!

Next up the glittertastic monogram cardigan that is almost easier than the ribbon cardigan as if that was possible.

Tulip fashion Glitter
Tulip Fabric Marker
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
Paint Brush
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Glue

I must confess I looked up a guide to cursive letters for this cardigan. I used a Tulip Fabric Marker in place of tailor’s chalk to draw my cursive letter J. I painted the letter J hot pink with Tulip Soft Paint. On top of the fabric paint I applied a thick strand of Fabric Fusion Glue and dusted a heavy coating of hot pink Tulip Fashion Glitter. When the glue dried I dusted the excess glitter off my cardigan. Again remember to place something between the layers of your cardigan so that the glue does not get through to the backside.

I have been practicing my cursive letter T to make a few cardigans for Tallulah. If Chris will let me there might be one in his future too, sans glitter of course.

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