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Did you hear that we are having a record breaking cold winter here in Texas? Temperatures in the 20’s in central Texas is pretty dang cold. That being the case I have been thinking about how to spice up my winter wardrobe. Last week I brought you the Boom Boom Pow Ear Muffs. This week it’s all about keeping your paws warm in style. Plain vintage gloves are a dime a dozen at the thrift store. In a world with fabric paint, glitter and fabric dye there is no good reason why they should stay that way.

Why should your lovely manicured nails stay hidden under a pair of gloves? Use a little Tulip Soft Fabric Paint to add some nails. Take a little Fabric Fusion Glue and some gold trim to add a ring. It took everything in my power to not make a pair gluing fake acrylic nails to the fingertips of a pair of gloves. I might just do it eventually. Thanks to my sister Hope for painting the nails!

Grab a Tulip Sticky Fabric Stencil, Tulip Soft Fabric Paint and Tulip Fashion Glitter to take a plain pair of gloves to the next level.

I found that majority of the gloves at the thrift store are white. Unless you are planning to swipe a dusty surface for a commercial or attend a debutante ball there is no real purpose for white gloves. Dye a different pair to match each of your jackets. I used Tulip One Step Fashion Dye in Aqua on this pair.

The possibilities are endless for keeping warm and oh so cute all winter long!

P.S. Check out these other cool glove options my Margot Potter and my sister Hope Perkins. Oh and check out these gloves used as a window treatment!

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  1. Coppersangel

    {snort} I know, They closed all the schools today due to cold weather. We live in Louisiana.
    Maybe We won't have to move to Alaska or Colorado any more to enjoy Sneaux!


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