I Love to Create: Felt Baby Booties

What kind of new mother would I be if I didn’t make a pair of baby booties for my new bundle of joy? Some people take the more traditional route and knit up a pair, I on the other hand having no knitting skills needed to look for another option. I’m more of a glue kind of gal. This week on I Love to Create we are putting our own spin on baby booties.

First up let me start by saying that when you are pregnant you have a pet name for your baby. Some people call it peanut, we called it Little Whip. We didn’t know until February 22nd when baby was born if we were having a boy or a girl so everything I made was gender neutral and if it was personalized Lil’ Whip was the name. Same goes for my customized felt baby booties.

I love easy and quick crafts and I only had to be a felt cobbler for a single afternoon to get these shoes all glued and stitched up!

Embroidery Thread
Embroidery Needle
Craft Felt
Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion™ Permanent Dry Cleanable Fabric Adhesive
Simplicity Vintage Baby Booties Pattern
Sewing Pins
Fabric Marker
Making Memories Grommet Kit

Choose your felt. I opted for a teal shoe, zebra print sole and green monogram. What colors and patterns you choose is totally a matter of preference. Using the Simplicity pattern, pins, marker and scissors cut out your pattern in the felt. I free handed the letters L and W for Lil’ Whip to put on each shoe and cut out.

Using Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Dry Cleanable Fabric Adhesive I adhered my L and W to the toe of each of the booties.

After gluing my letters in place I went back with yellow embroidery thread and added a simple stitch for a pop of contrasting color.

For extra strength in case Lil’ Whip wants to do any marathon running in her new booties I reinforced the seams with Fabric Fusion before embroidering with yellow floss.

Following the pattern instructions the next step was to attach the sole to the bootie with embroidery thread.

Using a kit intended for scrap booking I added 2 grommets to each bootie to thread the shoe laces. Laces are made by braiding 3 strands of embroidery floss.

It will be awhile before Lil’ Whip will actually be able to fit these booties so in the meantime they sit proudly on a shelf in the nursery waiting patiently to be grown into.


13 Responses to “I Love to Create: Felt Baby Booties”

  1. Francine

    This is awesome! I want to make booties too, and I do crochet and knit but not well enough, so this is perfect. Felt is something I have a bunch of. Thanks for the tut!

  2. Vickie Howell

    Ok, how come the lighting in your pictures taken at my kitchen table looks so much better than when I take them?

    Booties turned out A-dorable!

  3. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Francine the pattern has 3 different styles of booties to choose from. Honestly it would be dang easy to create your own pattern too.

    Vickie I never saw your little Valentine booties you made that day? Did you post them?

    Eliza glad you like. I have a thing for animal print, hopefully Tallulah will too!

  4. lilacpop

    Wow, so cute and they look fairly easy to make. Would be cute to do some spring ones with little chicks on them or something.

  5. Cafe Fashionista

    How cute! How cute! How cute! My sister had a baby boy in November. I’m going to make these for her. Though they’re cute as a decoration, even if you don’t have a baby! 🙂


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