Vintage Enamel Flower Brooch Topiary

I have a large collection of pins that don’t do much of anything except collect dust.  Recently I was inspired by some adorable bridal bouquets I saw on the Amy Atlas blog and thought there has to be a more creative way to display my collection.  Out of the jewelry box and onto the dining room table is what today’s I Love to Create post is about.
Craft Moss
Terra Cotta Pot
Collection of Pins
Foam Topiary
Floral Pins
Foam topiary bases come in various sizes and shapes.  I chose a double stacked model since I have a lot of pins.  I found mine in the floral department of my local craft store.  As you might guess they come pretty plain looking, so I needed to fix that.  I used Crafty Chica paint in green to cover the wooden poll in-between the foam balls.
Once my green poll was dry I started inserting my collection of vintage pins into the foam.  Occasionally I used floral pins to help really anchor things down.  I could have used glue, but there is that off chance that I might want to wear one of these pins again some day.
I’m a big fan of using oddball objects as planters, but the base of this topiary was made to fit inside a terracotta pot.  A plain brown pot was not a fitting home for my colorful collection of pins so I busted out the Crafty Chica Paint.
I needed to hide that icky green styrofoam so a little Liquid Fusion Glue and some moss fixed that right up.
Once my pot was dry I placed my topiary inside.  Now I have a colorful floral display that shows off my collection way better than any jewelry box and the best part is it never needs watering.  Do you have a slew of pins?  Got any other fun suggestions about how to display them?
Feeling flowery?  How about making a Floral Fro, Ribbon Flower Bracelet or Swim Cap?

17 Responses to “Vintage Enamel Flower Brooch Topiary”

  1. Funky Finds

    This is such a fantastic way to display vintage brooches. I have several too & always wonder how to display them. You have inspired me!!!

  2. jungle dream pagoda

    Love it!!!
    …and doncha just know I have a whole dang-nab clear vase full of these(not so easy to grab a particular one …but it looks cute…I saw a pic somewhere!).
    Honestly I use them as "buttons" on vintage nubby jackets…just pinned in place…I have no idea why I never blogged it there is one I wear every winter!
    …again another slam-dunk clever idea of what to

  3. Tamra

    I ended up with a HUGE stash of vintage brooches and earrings, most of which were destined for repair, but I could not part with them. I purchased a mirror from the thrift store for about 2 dollars, then used epoxy glue to totally encrust the mirror frame with my vintage sparklies!

  4. Anne

    Excellent, this has got me thinking about all the different shapes you could use to pin vintage brooches on. And what about doing something similar with other pieces of jewellery such as earings and necklaces?

  5. Jen

    Love this idea. I wish I had a ton of pins so I could do this. Also love all the idea from the comments. Thanks for sharing.


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