Kitschy Dried Bean Owl Mosaic

It may be Christmas Eve, but I am already thinking ahead to next week and New Years! In the South we have a tradition involving black eyed peas. Some people eat them on New Years Day to ensure good luck all year long, but my logic was that if you craft with them on New Years Day as well as eat them it might make your new year extra lucky! Grab some dried black eyed peas, glue and get ready!

Dried Beans
Wooden Plaque
Sublime Stitching Transfer Paper
Embroidery Pattern
Gold Cording

You want to choose an image that is not terribly detailed to use for your bean art. I found that embroidery patterns work great. I chose this owl from Q is for Quilter in the Hoop Love Embroidery Pool. Using transfer paper and a pen trace your image onto a piece of wood.

One section at a time apply your gluee and your beans. The more beans you use the better since they come in all kinds of colors and will help give your image more depth.

I glued the owl and the stick he is perched on first. Next I went around the edge of the owl and glued down some gold cording.

To ensure good luck in 2010 I filled in the rest of the empty space with more black eyed peas.

With the rest of your black eyed peas try my favorite bean dip recipe  . and my Lucky Black Eyed Pea Taco Shooters.

16 Responses to “Kitschy Dried Bean Owl Mosaic”

  1. julie

    To me it looks kind of gross and also kind of awesome, but I think the awesome part is winning out because I LOVE it!

    I'm DEF going to buy myself some assorted dried beans for crafting and eating in the new year.

  2. Anonymous

    So cute! I am definitely going to do this one! I am so amazed at how simple your projects are, and yet, how beautiful they always look. Thanks.

  3. Chris

    I like this craft because it looks like something you'd find in Serpico's apartment. God bless the 70's and all their glory.

  4. Jane

    I have two of these that my Grandmother made way back in the very early 1970s of a hen and rooster. They are in rough shape with half bug-eaten and missing beans because she did not seal them, which I would recommend if you want to keep it around for posterity. Some sort of spray sealer would do the trick. I hope someday to repair mine or make new ones. Yours is fabulous!

  5. scoochmaroo

    Would you consider posting this on I was going to post a forum topic about it, but you'll get far more traffic from it if you post it as a full-on Instructable! It's super easy to do, especially since you already have awesome pictures and text to back it up. Plus it's a great way to drive our traffic back to your personal site.
    Let me know when if you have

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