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Today’s I Love to Create Column is a two for one special! Not only do I have a fun Hissing Halloween Banner how-to for you I also have a book review and a contest. That is more like a three for one special!

First things first let’s talk about the books. I have been a fan and a customer of Repro Depot for a good long while now so when I head they had a set of books and stationary coming out there was no doubt in my mind that they would be good. Good was a bit of an understatement. The two Repro Depot Pattern Books in Folk and Floral are chocked full of just that patterns. The fun part is all the patterns also come on a disc making it easy as pie to print these patterns out for craft projects like say a Hissing Halloween Banner. There are actually a few pages of crafty inspiration at the back of the book with ideas for the paper including place mats, greeting cards and light switch covers. I opted to work with all black and yellow and patterns, but there are tons of color options in the book. All the patterns and the colors do seem to have the distinct feel of crafting in the fall of 1973. Each book has oodles of patterns with little people, southwest designs, pears, roosters and even nuts. The forward is by Grace Bonney of Design Sponge giving Repro Depot and the pattern books two thumbs up and we know she has great taste. There is also a set of greeting cards available from the line. The blank cards are adorable as is or would be a great foundation for further embellishments (check out our how-to for Thank You and Christmas Cards). Lucky you we have a set of those greeting cards to give away today, but first you have to check out our Halloween Banner How-to!

Repro Depot Pattern Books
Printer Paper
Twinkle Type Letters
Aleene’s Acid Free Tacky Glue Stick
Aleene’s Tacky Transparent Tape for Crafters
Aleene’s Hot Glue Gun
Aleene’s Liquid Fusion Glue
Sheet Music
Craft Knife
Cutting Mat
Black Cat Silhouette

It’s a hard choice but you need to choose a theme and color scheme for your banner that will dictate which patterns you choose. I opted for black, white and yellow patterns since my banner was going to have a black cat Halloween theme. Print your patterns onto 8.5 X 11 printer paper with your printer setting on best.

Yup, it’ an accordion fold just like you did in kindergarten. First trim the white edges off of all of your pattern sheets. Next cut your paper into two rectangular strips. Use your Aleene’s crafters tape to attach the two ends together. Next accordion fold the strips with the folds being about 1” wide. Once you have gotten to the end bring your accordion together and attach the two ends with tape. I also used a glue stick to make extra sure it stuck together. Thanks to everyone who posted instructions on Face Book about making rosettes. I also found the instructions on Paper Source and Dream Create Inspire helpful.

Once you decide what shape you want your banner to be and you know that your rosettes will look good with them get to cuttin’. If you want your banner to look pretty from the front and back print out and cut two of each sheets.

My letters would get lost in the shuffle attached directly to the center of my rosette so I opted for some old sheet music to help make them pop. I used a roll of packing tape as my guide and traced and cut out 6 circles.

Since I was making this banner to go with my black cat collection not only did I want the banner to say “Hiss” I wanted to have pictures of hissing cats to illustrate the whole thing. Lucky for me Martha Stewart had these handy dandy hissing cat silhouettes on her website. I printed them out on card stock and placed them on top of black paper and cut out with a craft knife. Each cat came out slightly different, but I like it that way. I used my Aleene’s glue stick to adhere the cats to sheet music discs.

The next thing I did was use my glue gun to attach my rosettes to the banner pieces. Next I used my glue gun to attach the sheet music circles to the center of the rosettes. Last but not least I used my Aleene’s Glue Gun to attach my twinkling letters H-I-S-S to the center 4 circles of sheet music.

I used a black and white polka dotted grosgrain ribbon to hang my banner. I put a thin line of Liquid Fusion glue across the top of each panel and the banner and laid my ribbon on top making sure the pieces were spaced out evenly. I cut the ends in a decorative fashion and hung in my kitchen with push pins.

I am pleased as punch with the way the banner looks and how it helps draw attention to my collection of black cats. Plus it gives me something fun to look at as I stand at my sink and do the dishes.

So now about winning those snazzy cards. All you have to do is leave me a comment right here and next Thursday we will choose a winner. I’d love to hear about how you celebrate and decorate for Halloween!

12 Responses to “I Love to Create -Black Cat Banner”

  1. Contessa Kris

    Ohhh. You're banner is beautiful! I love your collection of black cat items.

    I don't do a ton of decorating for halloween. I have a banner up, sign for the door and we're working on some decorated pumpkins for the table and porch. That's about it this year. Happy Halloween!

  2. Vicki

    Love, love, love the banner. Especially love that you used a not so common Halloween word. HISS, that's great! I made the paper rosettes yesterday for a Christmas decoration. I had some trouble so I'll check out your links. Thanks. As for decorating, I'm behind this year. I like to build vignettes all over with things I have collected over the years. I like it when people turn a

  3. Amelac

    Halloween for us has gone from spending lots of time making our costumes to making them for our kids. This year our 3-year old daughter is going for the orange cat costume, and our 9 month old son will be Charlie Brown.

  4. kgirl

    I love Repro Depot – excited about their new products! My family celebrates Halloween with a party for the kids – we always make up a setting for photo ops on the back porch – hay bales, gourds, ghouls, the whole shebang. This will be year 4!

  5. Sunday Afternoon Housewife

    I really like this banner! I decorate a LOT for Halloween. Maybe even overboard. I stash other "normal" things in my house and replace them with Halloween Decorations. I decorate every room and the front yard turns into a cemetery. I'm a little behind in my decorating this year, but after my craft fair Saturday, the rest of the weekend is all about Halloween decorating!

  6. Danilee

    I love the banner!! It's super cute! I am currently looking for a site to help me make a Halloween costume for my English bulldog, Rufus! I think he wants to be an old sea captain this year!

  7. ChristinaMUFE

    I love this!!! I try to do something different every Halloween. This year I am doing a Dia de Los Muertos theme with the bride & groom with guitar because it's the first year I'm sharing an apt with only my (musician) boyfriend. You have the BEST ideas!!!


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