I Love to Create – Baby Pools & Bikinis

If you have been following my series on swimming in Austin it would be perfectly clear to you why Tallulah needed a fancy new swim suit cover up. Actually today’s I Love to Create project was inspired by a cover up I spotted on a recent trip to the pool. You have probably seen said cover ups. Typically the cover ups depict skimpy little bikinis, but since mine is for a 1 year old I decided to go with a retro swimsuit and a little more coverage.

White Towel
Fabric Fusion Glue
Sewing Machine
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Golden Tan
Paint Brush
Patterned Towel
Crafty Chica Tango Permanent Fabric Markers

The first thing is to make the actual cover up. Luckily my mother Fredda Perkins was in town this week so I sat her down at the sewing machine with my white towel. The towel is folded in half with a neck hole cut. My mom actually made a boat neck collar. Next she stitched down the sides of the towel making it more of a little dress leaving arm holes at the top. The key is to get a towel in the right size. I used a smallish towel for Tallulah.

Now that my cover up was sewn it was time to draw on the image of the body and bikini. This cover up was a family affair because my sister Hope Perkins drew the body and swimsuit onto the towel.

I used Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Golden Tan and painted the body.

Once my paint dried completely it was time to add the swim suit. Using funky vintage towels I cut out the shape of a retro bikini.

I attached my terry cloth two piece to my cover up using Liquid Fusion Glue.

A quick once over with a Crafty Chica Fabric Marker to define the legs and my cover up was complete!

All that is left to do is hit the pool, which keep in mind here in Texas we can do well into October. I might need to make an adult sized version for me since it is the only way I will ever be in a bikini again.

Don’t forget to do the back!

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