I Love to Create – Baby Blocks that go Boo!

Shopping for not so cheesy Halloween decorations can be a daunting task. Maybe there are people out there that don’t want dismembered limbs laying about. That being the case we crafty types have to take matters into our own hands and create our own.

Decorative Ribbon
Clothes Pins
Crafty Chica Little Chica Paint Pack
Paint Brush (medium & tiny)
Decorative Chipboard
Tulip Fashion Glitter Orange
Small Glittered Skulls
Wooden Blocks
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Scrap Book Paper
Liquid Fusion Glue
2 Small Pom Poms

I have gotten a lot of bang for my buck on the bag of wooden baby blocks I bought at the thrift store. You might remember I also used them to decorate for Tallulah’s 1st Birthday Party. This time around I painted the blocks black with Crafty Chica Paint. I coated the front of the blocks lightly making sure to just get certain parts of the block painted so that there would still be white showing.

Once the paint dried I went back with a tiny paint brush and covered each letter with Fast Grab Tacky Glue. While the glue was still wet I sprinkled Tulip Fashion Glitter in orange.

While my glue was drying I made party hats for my skulls. I used Halloween themed scrapbook paper, this template and Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue to make the actual hat.

Next I cut 8 2″(ish) strips of decorative ribbon. Fold each ribbon in half and staple. Once you have all 8 done use Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue to attach them all together to create a ribbon flower. I glued a small piece Halloween chipboard in the center. Use a clothespin to hold the whole thing together while it dries.

While my party hats were drying I used Liquid Fusion Glue to attach all my blocks together. I also glued my glittery skulls to either side of the block sculpture.

All that was left to do was attach my decorations to the paper hats and then attach the hats to the skulls. I used Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue for both.

I displayed my new Halloween blocks alongside my black cat collection and a few of last year’s I Love to Create projects like my Hiss Banner and Black Cat Bobble Head.

Have you been whipping up anything fun for Halloween this year? I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. Martha Latta

    Wow, wow, wow. There are almost too many ideas! I want to do it all! Thanks for putting it in one place. It will make my planning go a bit smoother for sure. Love that you were on Martha Radio. Let us know if you get a link so we can listen!!


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