I Love to Create – 20 Green Crafts for Earth Day

Earth Day is this weekend and what better way to celebrate than with a green craft. This is my 3rd year in a row to do this series. Check out 2010 and 2011 too! Go out grab some fabric scraps, plastic bags, Coca-Cola crates and of course your salad spinner and let’s get crafty.

Collage Shoes – Revamp a pair of old shoes with a collage of fabric scraps.

Sensory Bottles – Save all your empty bottles to make some fun baby toys.

Bridesmaids Bouquet – Old plastic flower beads and vintage enamel flower brooches make for a lovely bouquet.

Fabric Frock Fanny – This fun collage project uses old chain, fabric and sewing patterns.

Plastic Bag Craft Smock – Plastic shopping bags keep your kids clothes clean!

Rolled Fabric Flowers – Use up your fabric scraps to make fun flower accessories.

Put a Bird On It Brooch – Have you seen Portlandia?

Second Place Picture Frame – An old shirt and second place prize ribbon transform a picture frame.

Elbow Patch Cardigan – Because everything is cuter with elbow patches.

New Chucks – Make an old pair of shoes new and fancy again with a coat of paint and some glitter.

Weenie Onesies – A thrift store onesie gets the one of a kind treatment with the help of some fabric scraps and Fabric Fusion Glue.

Coca-Cola Crate Advent Calendar – Vintage wrapping paper and an out of date coke crate are easily transformed into a festive advent calendar.

Scarf Necklace – Raid the thrift store for all the silk scarves and make yourself a unique necklace.

Thrift Store First Aid Kit – There are a few things every thrifter should have in their arsenal.

Jewelry Box – An old thrift store jewelry box is given a face lift with some Crafty Chica Paint, fabric and ric rac.

Robot Wrapping – Foil wrapped boxes make for some cute wrapping paper.

Salad Spinner Art – Who uses their salad spinner to spin salad? I use mine to craft.

Christmas Cutie – Make a stand-up paper doll with a vintage sewing pattern, Tacky Glue and scrapbooking goodies.

Make Your Own Coloring Book – Using scrap paper and some Tacky Glue you can easily make your own pad of paper or in this case coloring book.

Rubbing Plates – A set of discarded placemats and some glue make for some easy rubbing plates.

How are you going to celebrate Earth Day? Any fun up-cycling projects on your crafty horizon?

***This is a sponsored post by I Love to Create – I was compensated & given free supplies. Mama has gotta pay the bills somehow and really who in their right mind would say no to free craft supplies***

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