How to Throw a Little Lumberjacks and Jills Birthday Party

An amazing themed lumberjack party takes more than a couple of plaid shirts.  You need mini log cabin goodie bags, axes as centerpieces and pin the beard on the lumberjack games.  I tend take a theme and run with it and lumberjack parties are no different.

Kids party set up with goodie bags

Actually, this party was a Little Lumberjacks and Jills birthday party for my kids.  Girls just wanna saw logs too!  Not just kid’s birthdays this is also a fun idea for co-ed wedding showers, gender reveal parties – almost any event could work with a  lumberjack theme.  

How to Throw a Little Lumberjacks and Jills Birthday Party

Keep reading for a few of my favorite custom DIY touches to make sure you next lumberjack party is perfect!

Lincoln log cabin party centerpiece
Lincoln Log Centerpieces 

You know what makes the perfect lumberjack party centerpiece?  Lincoln Logs!  They even have a log cabin kit complete with bear, dog and of course a lumberjack.  Looks great on the goodie bag table or next to the birthday cake.

Pancakes with bacon and ice cream with an axe on top

Lumberjack Breakfast Pancakes

Speaking of cake, we actually did not have any at this lumberjack party.  We went for a lumberjack breakfast theme serving silver dollar pancakes in place of cupcakes.  Other fun lumberjack party food ideas include: candied bacon on a stick, maple syrup ice cream and bacon and egg candies.  Also, can we talk about how cute these wee little axe cupcake toppers are!

DIY initials covered in green moss

Moss Covered Monogram

No corner was left un-decorated – to celebrate the birthday boy and girl I hung some DIY moss covered initials I had made.  Old tree stumps, a thrifted plaid thermos and ball moss collected from the park finish off the look.  I know I feel like wearing a plaid lumberjack costume just looking at this vignette! 

Pictures of kids on a bulletin board with pinecones

Birthday Photograph Banner

Is there such a thing as too many banners at a party? I think not. Figure I’d showcase a few pictures of the birthday kids with a customized birthday banner.  I just added sticker letters to pinecones from the teacher store!

food table with a wood log and axe centerpiece

Rustic Lumberjack Snacks

Thinking of lumberjack party food ideas can be tricky.  I kept up with the lumberjack breakfast theme and went with swiss rolls that look like cut logs, donut hole acorns and candy axes made from pretzels.  

Little lumberjacks and jills party banner

Log Cabin Goodie Bags

The goodie bags (filled with rubber ducks dressed as lumberjacks – yes they exist, pancake mix & bubbles) were made to look like log cabins. We also had mixed CD’s for the adults with songs like “Feed the Tree” by Belly, “Start Chopin” by Dinosaur Jr. and “Lumberjack” by Johnny Cash. 

DIY log cabin made from a large box

Make Your Own Log Cabin From a Cardboard Box

We thought better of buying a log cabin playhouse and instead made our own out of a cardboard box.  All the little kids enjoyed playing inside and it also doubled as the perfect lumberjack party photo booth!  Pop over here to see how to make your own DIY log cabin.

Felt and wool board with pin the beard on the lumberjack game

Pin the Beard on the Lumberjack Game

Every self respecting lumberjack needs beard and beanie options.  Make your own lumberjack party game with a  DIY wool and felt board for the kids to play with out of old toy easel.  For older kids this could be switched to a pin the beard on the lumberjack game.  

Sensory bin full of bird seed wood rounds and a toy saw
Woodland Themed Sensory Bin

Toddlers love them a sensory bin. I filled a large tupperware with birdseed, pieces of wood, scoops, faux saw, nets, ball moss and let the kids have at it. I still have flocks of birds in my backyard gobbling up left over sensory bin bits.  Take the party guests ages into consideration when filling your sensory bin.  Look out for anything that littles might choke on.

Buffalo plaid party hats on a shelf
Buffalo Plaid Party Hats

Needless to say buffalo plaid lumberjack themed party hats were hard to come by. I didn’t let that stop me, I just made my own. Pop over to my post about creating a customized lumberjack and Jills party for all the details on how to make your own.

Party invitation with two kids that reads: Little Lumberjills and Jacks

Lumberjack Party Theme – Work It While You Can

When kids are young you gotta work those obscure party themes before they are old enough to start forming opinions and you are forced to come up with ideas for a Frozen themed birthday party (no offense Elsa).  I even went so far as to set up a lumberjack themed photoshoot for the invitations.

Birthday party goodie bags and games with a lumberjack theme

What is the most obscure party theme you have ever thrown? How about most obscure that you have attended? Who knows I might get lucky and get to pick the theme next year too. 


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