How to See The World Through Pumpkin Orange Colored Glasses

How to use doll heads for Halloween

Did you see this week’s Facebook Live video?  I gave a little mini tour of my dining room and talked about seeing the world through pumpkin orange colored glasses when shopping.  What I mean is that some of my best Halloween vignettes (like these creep-tastical doll head planters I did for DIY Network) are made with things that were never really intended as Halloween decorations.  Think outside traditional and a whole new world of decorating ideas will open up to you.


A collection of unlikely items in the right color way can suddenly be transformed into Halloween decor.  Vintage cameras, umbrella stands, praying hands, old picture frames and more suddenly look spooky in the right grouping.  Photo by Jennifer M. Ramos


My collection of colored vintage glass vases looks perfect mixed in with my Halloween decorations.  When my mother-in-law and Great Aunt started me on this collection I had no idea at the time it would become part of my Halloween decor.

You get the drift.  Halloween decorations don’t have to be just black and orange, spider shaped or pumpkin spice flavored.  Lot’s of amazing things can work for your Halloween decor as long as you look at it through pumpkin orange colored glasses.

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  1. Andria

    Hi Jen! I just found your work through the Stampington magazines. I’m not a Halloween fan (shhh! I am in a definite minority here…) but I really like how you take decorating for that holiday away from the normal, expected kinds of decor into something more classy and spooky at the same time. Fun!


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