How to Makeover Your Bathroom for Under $200

Bathroom Makeover for Under $200

My master bathroom was a sad state of fairs until Tuesday Morning got involved (Sponsored: This is a sponsored post – but seriously my bathroom needed help).  So anyway, ya my bathroom was U-G-L-Y it ain’t got no alibi.  I couldn’t afford a tear down start from scratch makeover, but for under $200 I made that bathroom look pretty dang good if I do say so.

Before the bathroom makeover.

We can’t talk about a bathroom makeover without a few before pictures.  Let’s start with this shower curtain that has never been long enough.  Did I mention it never had a liner either?  Oh and feast your eyes on those gross plastic shower rings.  We won’t even discuss the old towels.


In a perfect world where I win the lottery I’d tear this whole sink out and start again.  However, I’m working with $200 from Tuesday Morning so why not just start with some pretty baskets and a soap pump.  Ya, do you see that bar of soap just lying there – ewwww.  Plus it has always perplexed me about where exactly I am supposed to put the hand towels.

Bathroom makeover for under $200

I don’t want to give the whole thing away here, so pop over to Tuesday Morning for the full reveal.  SPOILER ALERT: It looks a TON better and I love it.

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***This is a sponsored post by Tuesday Morning.  I was compensated and given free bathroom supplies.  However, all opinions are my own and as you can see my bathroom was in serious need of help.***

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