How to Make a Halloween Truck Planter

Turning a toy truck into a Halloween planter.

I’m a firm believer in plants making a house a home.  You can’t forget that, even when decorating for Halloween.  Plants can perk up anything, even rock tombstones.  Besides that I just like turning everything into planters – giant plastic pumpkins, bar caddiespumpkin hanging baskets, cake stands and more.



The truck started out on the DIY Network pulling a load of pumpkins for the #tealpumpkinproject a cause near and dear to my heart.  I have not one, but two posts (I Love to Create and DIY Network) on different teal pumpkin DIY ideas.  Please be sure to learn about having something for everyone, especially those with food allergies this Halloween.  ANYWAY, I decided my truck was better used as a planter so let’s get down to the crafty nitty gritty.


When I saw these trucks on clearance at the craft store I knew they had Halloween potential and I was right.



Paint your truck and add glitter to the wet paint.  Just because you did not grab your own truck during the end of summer clearance sale does not mean you can not get in on the crafty fun.  Paint a vintage truck, raw wood truck from the craft store or steal a toy truck from one of your kids.


Cover your entire truck and allow to dry.  Blow off any excess glitter.  Feel free to fill your truck with whatever your little heart desires like spooky faux fruit, rock cactus, Halloween story stones or in my case plants.

Halloween planter DIY

If you want to go the plant route you will need: coconut husk liner, dirt and plants (duh).  I also painted some river rocks to give my truck a spooky feel.  Cut your liner and put it in the bed of your pick-up truck.


Fill the bed with potting soil and add your plants.  Paint some rocks to look like wee little tombstones and cats and while your at it throw in some glittered pumpkins and spiders because why not.

How to turn a toy truck into a Halloween planter.

Dang that summer truck looks ready for fall and Halloween now.  Wish I had bought two so I could do a Christmas version.

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