How to Decorate a Sewing Themed Christmas Tree

How to decorate a tree with a sewing theme.

I am the first to admit that I’m not a fan of sewing.  I love the finished project, I hate the ironing (and the patterns and the time it takes and that whole threading the bobbin thing) but  I can still appreciate sewing accouterments.  I wouldn’t know a presser foot from a zipper foot if it bit me in the butt but that does not stop me from loving these vintage toy sewing machines.  Pop over to the DIY Network blog for a round-up of my  10 Totally Outrageous Retro Christmas Trees (including this sewing themed menagerie) and read on for details about how some of the fun decorations were made.


I gotta admit my mother loaned me her toy sewing machine collection for this set up.  Thanks mom!  My friend Dian loaned me her grandmother’s Singer.  I needed to keep everything in theme.  I have this thing for themes.


Besides the toy sewing machines there are oodles of details that make this tree special – garlands of spools, flowers from sewing patterns and more.


The garland was made with a combo of ribbon wrapped spools from the craft store, pompoms and cut paper straws.  Everything was strung on yarn and then wrapped on the tree.


Sewing patterns were cut up and transformed into giant paper flowers for the tree.  I can never get those things folded back up and in their envelope again anyway, flowers makes so much more sense.


For each flower you will need a pattern, pipe cleaners, scissors, ruler and cutting wheel.


Accordion fold your pattern and tie at the center with a pipe cleaner.  It is up to you how large and puffy your flower is.  Feel free to use scissors to make the edges decorative.


Once the center is cinched slowly, layer by layer, separate the sheets of your pattern flower.  Keep fluffing until you have a flower the size you want.

How to decorate a DIY sewing themed Christmas tree.

When decorating any tree, especially a sewing themed tree, look for decorations outside of the Christmas department.  Colorful measuring tape, ribbon from the scrapbook aisle that has the look of frayed fabric, maybe even knitting needles as a star on top.

How to decorate a Christmas Tree with a Sewing theme.

Want to decorate your own sewing themed tree?  Might I suggest Treetopia’s the Pretty in Pink Potted Christmas Tree and the Silver Stardust Tinsel Tree.  I love groupings of trees in different shapes, sizes and colors.  The more the merrier!  Be sure to stop over on the DIY Network blog and check out some of the other funky trees I have around the house this holiday season!

***Please note that I am the brand ambassador for Treetopia.  I was given free trees and compensated.  However, I loved colorful Christmas trees long before I was paid to so all opinions are my own.***


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