How I got into Seventeen Magazine and you could too.

“She’s only seventeen. Daddy says she’s too young, but she’s old enough for me”. Ok I just had to sing and type a little Winger for ya to start things off. How can you talk about Seventeen Magazine without it. I know I can’t. Naughty Secretary Club can be spotted on the pages of the February and March issues. Peep it all here…

For starters the Taille d’ e’pargne Necklace appears not once, but twice!

I know the above picture is hidden by a pony tail. I would not have seen it if someone had not sent me an email and a scan (Thanks Emma!).

The above picture also includes the Jacques-Emile Necklace

Next up are the Peggy Sue Hairclips, which I am already almost sold out of.

The Geometry Necklace makes an appearance.

Last but not least is an orange bib style necklace without a name because it is mine. Yes it’s true sometimes I keep some jewelry for myself.

Ya know a lot of people often ask me how I get my jewelry in magazines and Seventeen has an interesting story. I have been really lucky that with almost all the press I have received stylists and reporters have always emailed me to pull jewelry for shoots or do stories. Seventeen is the one magazine that I sent an unsolicited copy of my look book and jewelry samples to. I thought “ya know my jewelry is in all these other magazines geared at teens, why has Seventeen never asked to pull jewelry?” and the logical answer was of course because they didn’t know who the hell I was. I set out to change that. I went down to the book store picked myself up a copy of Seventeen looked up the name of their accessories editor and wrote it down on a piece of scrap paper along with the magazines mailing address. It cost me under $10 to send them a nice pretty spiral bound version of my look book, some jewelry samples and a nice little letter explaining who I was and why they might just like my baubles. The $10 has come back to me and then some because I am here to tell you editorial coverage is better for business than any ad you can take out. If you are ever hesitant about sending your look book or jewelry to a magazine out of the blue, don’t be. How are these editors going to learn about you if you don’t tell them? They are not psychic. Look what happened to me the accessories editor got my look book and samples and emailed me to send jewelry for a shoot. Now I send baubles almost every other week to Seventeen. Don’t feel awkward about preaching your own gospel. These magazines are always looking for the next hot thing to feature and that could be you, they will be eternally grateful if you let them know.

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