How to Incorporate Your Houseplants Into Your Holiday Decor

Just because the holidays are here does not mean all thing green (besides the Christmas tree) need to be banished.  Make your foliage festive this year by transplanting them into decorative planters and including them as part of your Christmas decor.  With the right Santa mug or layers of red and green sand your cactus collection will fit right in this December.

How to incorporate plants into your Christmas decor by Jennifer Perkins

The easiest way to get your houseplants into the Christmas spirit is with a quick pot change or in my case, vintage Santa mug change.  Decorative Christmas coffee mugs (new or vintage) abound and make perfect planters.  Even those summery cactus look ready for some snow with the right container.

DIY recycled sweater plant coozies by Jennifer Perkins

Everybody loves an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party – why not get your houseplants into the swing of things with these DIY plant covers.  Felted wool sweaters from the thrift store have been added to plain terra-cotta pots for a warm and cozy feel that will look great all winter long, even after Christmas. Don’t forget to make a set of matching Embroidery Hoop Sweater Ornaments.

How to use plants in your holiday decor. - Jennifer Perkins

Sometimes plants will work in a vignette as is, no revamp necessary.  Still obsessed with Acrylic Paint Pouring?  Ya me too.  I had to find a way to work it into my Christmas decorations with these red, pink and mint trees over on DIY Network.

How to use house plants in your holiday decor by Jennifer Perkins

Here comes Sandy Claus!  Think about layering red and green sand to make cheerful Christmas colored homes for your succulents.  Sand Art Succulents are easy to make (so easy it’s often considered a kids craft) and are a great way to add Christmas colors to your houseplants.

Crocheted Christmas Card Box by Jennifer Perkins

Ever seen those vintage bowls made from embroidered cards?  Ya me too.  Why not make some big enough to slip over your plant pots.  No need to re-pot anything just slip the plant right inside and also re-use those Christmas cards in a new fun way.  More fun ideas for recycling wrapping paper and Christmas cards on DIY Network.

How to work plants into your Christmas decorations by Jennifer Perkins

It’s winter, you have to bring all your plants indoors anyway – you might as well make them work in your holiday decor right?  Keep things festive and fun with a few easy pot switches, sand changes and DIY projects.  How will you work your houseplants into your Christmas decorations this year?



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